Hui Chen Named Winner of 2022 Marvin O. Mechelke II Piano Competition

Graduate student Hui Chen

The School of Music is delighted to announce that Hui Chen has won the 2022 Marvin O. Mechelke II Piano Competition, which is open to undergraduate and graduate competitors in alternating years. Established in 1992, the Mechelke Piano Competition is a time-honored tradition at the School of Music and celebrates outstanding musicianship and academic excellence. 

Ms. Chen, currently a graduate student studying with Professor Alexander Braginsky, is someone who, in his words, demonstrates “outstanding potential .... sets high goals for herself, and works very hard.” Ms. Chen studied in Taiwan with one of Professor Braginsky’s former students, Professor Wei-Lung Li. Recently, we were able to speak with Chen about her outstanding achievement, and her path toward success.

Can you give your thoughts on the preparation process for this competition? 
HC: Firstly, not only to become familiar with the pieces but to find out their possibilities of characteristics; further, to rely on this basic cognition that can advance my imagination to create more distinctive timbres. Besides, listening to a different version of performance to distinguish the differences and to understand the function of these differences. Finally, combining all the above mentioned, and my own feeling about these pieces, and plenty of practice.

How did it feel when you were announced the winner of the Marvin O Mechelke II Competition? 
HC: At the very first moment, I was shocked because there were so many talented competitors in the competition. After that, I was so honored and pleased to win this prize since it is the first prize I won in the US.

Do you have anyone you want to thank in particular? 
HC: I definitely want to thank Professor Braginsky. He always gives me his support and assistance. Not only to teach me piano but to knowledge me lots of new thoughts and imagination. Without his support and teaching, I cannot catch all of the judges' eyes and become the first-prize winner.

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