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Professor Korey Konkol's New CD "Brazilian Triptych: Konkol plays Ripper"

April 2, 2018

Korey Konkol’s (viola) new CD release Brazilian Triptych: Konkol plays Ripper is lauded in the March/April issue of Fanfare Magazine:

“Konkol’s playing throughout is dead-on in pitch and rhythmic accuracy, and he produces a rich, lush tone…praiseworthy in every respect.”
“...Konkol is called upon to perform a rather hair-raising cadenza, which he does with impeccable finesse…technically beyond criticism but also gripping in atmosphere from first to last…weaving a magic spell…”
“…the performances are loving and expert.”
“This is a beautifully conceived and executed recital…”

Released under the Jeanné Digital Recordings label, this CD features music written for and dedicated to Konkol by celebrated Brazilian composer João Guilherme Ripper.