Publications & Recordings

David Myers's Book

David Myers's (creative studies and media, music education) book, Redefining Music Studies in an Age of Change: Creativity, Diversity, Integration, was released by Routledge in September 2016. He co-authored the book with Ed Sarath (University of Michigan) and Patricia Shehan Campbell (University of Washington). The book draws on the authors' research and personal experience in calling for progressive, student-centered change that derives from the foundational content and processes of music across cultures, including the importance of composition and improvisation for all career aspiring musicians. Both the conditions for and the significant impediments to change in higher education are addressed. Jeff Magee, director of the University of Illinois School of Music notes, "Three of the College Music Society's authors of its compelling Manifesto expand on it with a book that will surely become foundational for all educators and administrators who seek to chart new curricular paths apt for their own institutions and visions. What makes the book particularly valuable is the way it addresses processes of change—the How—as well as the content and rationale for change—the What and the Why. As the last chapter argues, those who recognize the need for change must now move ‘from words to action.’”

Damschroder's Book

David Damschroder's (music theory) the fifth volume in Harmony Project (Cambridge University Press) titled Harmony in Beethoven, has been published. The next volume, Harmony in Mendelssohn and Schumann, is finished and currently under review with Cambridge, while his Tonal Analysis: A Schenkerian Perspective, already under contract at W. W. Norton, will go into production this summer. Damschroder's next volume will be Harmony in Verdi.




The Enchanted Guitar Forest
Alex Lubet (creative studies & media) and Maja Radovanlija's (guitar) album, The Enchanted Guitar Forest (Big Round Records), was released in February 2016.






Guerino Mazzola: All About Music

Guerino Mazzola (creative studies & media) and School of Music graduate students Maria Mannone and Yan Pang, along with undergraduate students Margaret O'Brien and Nathan Torunsky, recently completed a book titled All About Music: Realities, Communication, Semiotics, Embodiment. All About Music will be published as a part of Spring Press's Computational Music Science series in Fall 2016. This book is the result of Mazzola's course How to Write a Scientific Music Book. 




Teaching Through Performance Jazz

Dean Sorenson (jazz) contributed a chapter to the latest in the Teaching Music Through Performance series, published by GIA Publications. 





Louis Durey

Adriana Zabala (voice) is collaborating on a project of the songs of Louis Durey headed by pianist and alumna Jocelyn Dueck (collaborative piano, student of Timothy Lovelace). Dueck and Zabala recently recorded 15 of Durey's unpublished songs in New York City with Grammy Award-winning recording engineer Adam Abeshouse. Other singers included on the recording are Jesse Blumberg, William Burden, and Sidney Outlaw. The recording will be released in Summer 2016, to coincide with the digital release of many Durey manuscripts. Zabala will join her colleagues in November 2016 for a performance of the Durey songs at Brooklyn's National Sawdust. Photo (left to right): Adam Abeshouse, Jocelyn Dueck, and Adriana Zabala.