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Portrait of Sonja Kuftinec

Encountering Palestinian Displacement & Diaspora through “A Contested Home”

“We feel bigger and more human. It’s something that gives me back my life.” Professor Sonja Kuftinec discusses “A Contested Home,” a collaborative project with Adjunct Professor Avigail Manneberg, which aims to engage with Palestinian displacement and diaspora through Theatre of the Oppressed and other art techniques.
Portrait of Payton Counts

Major Potential

“Even though I’m not using my degree in the way I imagined I would, I wouldn’t have gotten my job had I not had it.” 2018 SLHS graduate Payton Counts is pursuing a career path different than many in her field. Through the help of her education in CLA and the faculty behind her, she is able to do meaningful work in suicide prevention for native youth in the Twin Cities.
A picture of Northrop Auditorium

Connecting with Community

“Engagement isn’t just about service. It’s not ‘What can we do for you?’ It’s ‘What can we do together?’” says Dean John Coleman. CLA partners with a wide variety of diverse organizations, but the College is looking to expand even further. So how is CLA fostering community engagement that already exists here at the U?
A sticker with an American Flag cartoon and the words "I Voted"

Here's What the Midterm Elections Mean for the Country

Election Day is on November 6th and the results could change the course of politics for a generation. Kathryn Pearson, professor of political science, helps detail the possible outcomes of the midterm elections. "Historically midterm elections favor the party that is not in White House, but the president's popularity, or lack thereof, determines if it's a wave election," Pearson said.