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Advocating for the Issues That Matter to You

February 26, 2018

Last fall, the University of Minnesota Alumni Association conducted a survey of 8,000+ alumni. Over 2,700 of those who participated were CLA graduates and I want to thank you for taking the time to respond. Your input, opinions, and suggestions will boost our efforts to establish and maintain CLA as a destination college that empowers our students and transforms our communities.

Among the insights that emerged from the survey was the wish by alumni to remain well-informed about opportunities to be involved with the U. Respondents also noted that they credit their education from the U with a passion for contributing to their communities. This is hardly surprising for us at CLA, as preparing our students in active citizenship is one of our core missions.

If being involved and connected and supporting the U is important to you, I urge you to consider the UMN Advocates Program. It’s a great way to stay informed about politics, higher education, and the legislative process and helps you use your U of M story to advocate for the issues that matter to you. That issue might be CLA’s current efforts to renovate Pillsbury Hall as the new home for the English Department and an interdisciplinary humanities hub. Or it might be some other issue important to you as a Gopher.

Please know how appreciative I am of your support and your engagement with and on behalf of CLA and the U. Preserving and making stronger the prestige, reputation, and power of your CLA and U of M degree is one of my highest priorities.