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COVID-19 Update from Dean Coleman

Throughout the past few months the COVID-19 pandemic has occupied much of our thoughts and energy. The surge in cases across the world and in Minnesota have made us all think ever more of each other's needs. In CLA, we have discussed our concerns for our students; our alumni, friends, and donors; our faculty, staff, and community partners; and all of those around us. I am grateful to be a part of a community rooted in the liberal arts. And I am especially grateful to be standing with all of you, our CLA community, at this moment in history. In the liberal arts we prize adaptability, creativity, communication, fearless inquiry, and empathy. All of those commitments put us on a good course as a college and in our society as we move forward in the days, weeks, and months ahead. On behalf of all of us in the College of Liberal Arts, I thank you for your friendship.

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Extraordinary opportunities shaped my own life in unexpected and deeply rewarding ways. That's why I'm driven to create opportunities that help students achieve their goals, support our communities, and boost the potential for all in our society to thrive.

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The Roadmap is a strategic plan focused on transforming CLA into a destination college with a very defined purpose: to do the most good we can for others. The better our work, the better our research, the more ready our graduates, the greater good we can do. By investing in four key initiatives, we are preparing our students, improving access to education, engaging diverse voices, and driving innovation and collaboration between campus and community.

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