Under the canopy of an Oak tree in the Spring
Dean Coleman in his office

Why the Liberal Arts Matter

Our strength, our strongest asset is the kind of work we do in the liberal arts -- the range of questions we ask and the diverse ways we explore them. In a time of hyper communication and intense conflict over fundamental values, the liberal arts are uniquely suited to address the challenges facing our economy, our democracy, and our society.

This is vital work. Join us.

Extraordinary opportunities shaped my own life in unexpected and deeply rewarding ways. That's why I'm driven to create opportunities that help students achieve their goals, support our communities, and boost the potential for all in our society to thrive.

Here's What We're Up To

We're Shattering Expectations

The Roadmap is a strategic plan focused on transforming CLA into a destination college with a very defined purpose: to do the most good we can for others. The better our work, the better our research, the more ready our graduates, the greater good we can do. By investing in four key initiatives, we are preparing our students, improving access to education, engaging diverse voices, and driving innovation and collaboration between campus and community.

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