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Why the Liberal Arts Matter

Our strength, our strongest asset is the kind of work we do in the liberal arts -- the range of questions we ask and the diverse ways we explore them. In a time of hyper communication and intense conflict over fundamental values, the liberal arts are uniquely suited to address the challenges facing our economy, our democracy, and our society.

This is vital work. Join us.

Extraordinary opportunities shaped my own life in unexpected and deeply rewarding ways. That's why I'm driven to create opportunities that help students achieve their goals, support our communities, and boost the potential for all in our society to thrive.

Here's What I'm Thinking About Now

A Portrait of Sara Chambers

Celebrating Our World-Class Community

Professor Sarah C. Chambers (History) was awarded the Sara Evans Faculty Woman Scholar/Leader Award at the annual Celebrating Changemakers program.

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Dean John Coleman presents the 2018 State of the College address
Dean John Coleman presents the 2018 State of the College address

State of the College 2018

Updates on accomplishments of the past academic year, a new way of looking at the liberal arts, and future planning. Continue reading...

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Northeast Middle School Principle Vernon Rowe congratulates his students

The Class of 2026

The Minnesota Youth Story Squad is a compelling example of the impact that we in higher education can have in the challenging middle school years. Continue reading...

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We’re Shattering Expectations

We’re investing in the key initiatives that better prepare our students, improve access to education, engage diverse voices, and drive innovation and collaboration between campus and community.


Prepare the most desirable candidates on the market.


Relentlessly pursue excellence to transform knowledge and lives.


Lead in building a more diverse and inclusive community.


Build bridges between campus and community.

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Dean Coleman at his desk