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For all philosophy course descriptions,
see the University Catalog.

The Department of Philosophy offers focused graduate courses on various topics, including ELMS (epistemology, language, metaphysics, science), history, logic, and value theory. Seminars and research-focused courses are also offered.

Below is a list of current graduate course offerings.

Spring 2019

Course NumberCourse TitleSections
PHIL 8010Workshop in History of PhilosophySections [1]
PHIL 8090Seminar: History of Modern PhilosophySections [1]
PHIL 8180Seminar: Philosophy of LanguageSections [1]
PHIL 8300Workshop in Moral and Political PhilosophySections [1]
PHIL 8333FTE: Master'sSections [1]
PHIL 8444FTE: DoctoralSections [1]
PHIL 8500Workshop in AestheticsSections [1]
PHIL 8670Seminar: Philosophy of ScienceSections [1]
PHIL 8777Thesis Credits: Master'sSections [1]
PHIL 8888Thesis Credit: DoctoralSections [1]
PHIL 8993Directed StudySections [1]
PHIL 8994Directed ResearchSections [1]

Fall 2019

There are no PHIL courses available for Fall 2019.
Please see for more info.