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Philosophy & Other Majors

Interested in more than just a class or two?

Supplement your major with a minor in philosophy.

Because philosophy examines the basic assumptions of any field of study, philosophy courses are great choices for complementary classes outside of your major, including:

  • For science majors: philosophy of science
  • For pre-med and nursing majors: medical ethics
  • For political science majors: political philosophy
  • For art majors: aesthetics

Taking philosophically will enrich and improve your thinking in other classes and teach you skills that let you get more out of your major. You will learn how to:

  • Critically analyze arguments and make crucial distinctions
  • Conduct constructive discussions
  • Solve problems deeper than an equation
  • Write clearly and analytically

Additionally, on the very practical side, many philosophy courses fulfill the University's liberal education requirements and other requirements in almost any other major. It's easy to find courses that will provide you with an introductory-level understanding of philosophy's different areas of study.