Scholarships & Grants

Questions about scholarships and grants? Contact Professor Sarah Holtman, undergraduate director.

A number of financial awards are available to our undergraduate philosophy majors, including department-specific scholarships and College of Liberal Arts (CLA) scholarships. The department-specific scholarships have deadlines during spring semester, and decisions are made before the end of the semester.

Cattron/Woodbridge Undergraduate Major Scholarship

This endowment provides modest merit scholarships to some of our most outstanding and promising undergraduate majors, helping them to free up employment time for study. This scholarship was established to honor Frederick J.E. Woodbridge, Professor of Philosophy at the U from 1894–1901, and as teacher and advisor of David Swenson. The endowment originally received its funds as royalties from Swenson's translations of Kierkegaard's works for Princeton University Press, but now receives them from generous gifts given by our alumni and friends.

Dr. Eldon L. and Helen H. Stevens Undergraduate Scholarship

This endowment provides scholarships to philosophy students with financial need and merit in CLA, with preference for undergraduate students who are residents of Minnesota or North Dakota. It was established to memorialize Helen's and Eldon's appreciation for the opportunity to earn three degrees between the two of them from CLA.

This excellent education enabled them to have highly productive and rewarding careers, including Eldon's many years as a Professor of Philosophy at both the University of Colorado, Colorado Springs and the Air Force Academy, where he was recognized with the title of Professor Emeritus. Helen is now pleased to honor the memory of Eldon in making the same opportunity available to the upcoming generation of philosophers.

CLA Scholarships

As a department in the College of Liberal Arts (CLA), the Department of Philosophy encourages its students to apply for scholarships available to all CLA students. See CLA's Financial Aid & Scholarships page for more information.