Major & Minor

In your philosophy courses, you will discover that thinking about questions that arise with an open mind is deeply satisfying. Philosophical thinking also contributes to a worthwhile life. As Socrates famously said, “The unexamined life is not worth living.” More practically, studying philosophy is a fantastic way to hone your critical thinking and analytical writing skills. You will learn two types of critical thinking: first, a method for rigorous analysis of arguments, and second, a habit of asking penetrating questions about the hidden assumptions of any position, ideology, or practice. You will develop your capacities to conceive alternative assumptions, evaluating which ones are best and determine where they lead. You will learn to compose papers that clearly demonstrate these skills. Our undergraduate major provides a breadth of knowledge across the discipline, providing various tracks and minors that are designed to complement other areas of study. Undergraduates can study everything from quantum physics to medical ethics. 

The Department of Philosophy offers two avenues for undergraduate education:

As a philosophy major, you will have the opportunity to develop a set of intellectual habits and skills, including:

  • A method for rigorous analysis of arguments
  • The ability to ask penetrating questions about the underlying assumptions of a position, ideology, or practice
  • The capacity to conceive of alternative assumptions, evaluate which ones are best, and determine where they lead