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Portrait: Professor Timothy R Johnson


Professor Timothy Johnson wanted to shine a light on a rich primary source for researchers in political science and law--the handwritten notes of past Supreme Court justices. But first, he needed help from a few hundred citizen scientists.

New Constitution or Nothing! The Promise and Pitfalls of Chile's...

In the wee hours of Friday, November 15, 2019, Chile reached a historic milestone: Congressional representatives from nearly all political parties, across the political spectrum, signed an agreement to open the path to a new constitution. Professor Lisa Hilbink shares her observations of this development in the country's governance.
Nancy Luxon poses for a portrait.

Archives of Infamy

History provides invaluable insight into the modern world. Professor Nancy Luxon is using letters from the 18th century to gain new perspectives on how ideas of political power and family crystalize into social relationships and power regimes. "The letters help us think about the ways power and justice touch on the lives of ordinary people," Luxon says.

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