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Portrait of Holly Seo-Nyeong Jo

#MeToo in the South Korean Judiciary

Does a judge’s gender affect the outcome of sexual assault trials? This question guides first-generation graduate and sixth-year PhD candidate Holly Seo-Nyeong Jo’s research. Seo-Nyeong Jo, who’s received multiple awards and grants for her research, studies the #MeToo movement and how the gender composition of judiciary panels affects outcomes in court.
Portrait of August Nimtz

Campus Unrest and the Politics of Law and Order, Part 2

Minneapolis had experienced racial unrest during the summers of 1966 and 1967, protests against the Vietnam War were taking place at the University of Minnesota in the late 1960s, crime was on the rise and voters were uneasy. In this episode, part two of our look at the politics of law and order. Professor August Nimtz is interviewed in this episode of Dialogue Minnesota.

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