Why Political Science?

"In the most sovereign of all the arts and sciencesand this is the art and science of politicsthe end in view is the greatest good and the good which is most pursued." —Aristotle (384-322)

The Art of the Possible

Simply put, we study the fundamental concepts of power and change. What are the rules, regulations, and ideas that shape power? How is power exerted? Who exerts power? How and when does change occur? What are the possibilities for change? These questions reflect across the spectrum of American and international politics and influence our everyday lives.

Studying political science can lead you to a variety of careers in government, law, business, non-profits, journalism, communications, education, and research. The University of Minnesota is an internationally-recognized research university, and our department has world-renowned scholars and top-rated graduate students. Our faculty members have won numerous teaching awards, and our location in the heart of the Twin Cities enhances the vibrancy of our curriculum—including fostering our excellent internship program so close to the Minnesota state capitol.

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Come study political science and discover the “art of the possible.”