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Our undergraduate students engage with each other and their professors, explore a broad range of academic and engagement experiences, and gain skills to serve their communities and workplaces.

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Our Undergraduates

Aren't politics exciting?

The Department of Political Science is thrilled that you have an interest in political science as a major, a minor, or simply a field of personal interest. We are confident that you will find the study of politics exciting, challenging, and rewarding. 

Do you have intellectual curiosity?

A major in political science will help you gain a broader understanding of the world and stimulate your intellectual curiosity and imagination. It will help you develop your capacity for critical analysis, as well as your ability to express yourself clearly. These skills are indispensable in any career path you decide to pursue.  

Are you ready to personalize your education?

The aim of our department is to personalize your instruction as much as possible. We encourage you to take charge of your own education by visiting your professors during their office hours, pursuing internships and learning abroad programs, and connecting with our undergraduate advisor to learn more timely information about curricular course offerings, activities and scholarships. There are a variety of political/social justice student groups on campus including two of our own undergraduate student organizations.