2022 Faculty Accomplishments

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In 2022, our faculty had another impressive year, with accomplishments ranging from publications to presentations, mentoring to service within and beyond the University. The faculty was devoted to making an impact in day-to-day activities as well as larger measures. 

Members of the department published books with some of the top presses in the discipline over the past two years. Michael Minta and Jane Sumner published single-author books with University of Chicago Press and Cambridge University Press, respectively. Mark Bell received the Foreign Policy Analysis’s Best Book Award for his book Nuclear Reactions: How Nuclear-Armed States Behave, published by Cornell University Press.  

Faculty authored peer-reviewed publications appearing in American Political Science Review, Political Behavior, Cultural Critique, Philosophy and Global Affairs, Political Psychology, Journal of Political Science Education, and many other prestigious outlets. Also published were many book chapters, encyclopedia entries, and review essays, and contributions were made to the discipline by editing special sections of journals and writing book reviews. Our faculty were also active in terms of publicly engaged scholarship, penning op-eds, blog posts, and articles in outlets like Foreign Affairs based on collective research expertise.

Members of the department gave presentations across the globe, including in such countries as Sweden, New Zealand, Mexico, Hungary, Chile, and South Africa. Our faculty delivered keynote addresses at the University of Michigan, the University of the Western Cape, and the University of Texas at Austin. Presentations were given at Harvard, Yale, LSE, Cornell, USC, Brown, Wisconsin, Columbia, Princeton, Chicago, UCLA, NYU, Vanderbilt, Duke, the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, and in many other venues.

Additionally, department members continued to devote considerable time and effort to the task of mentoring undergraduate students. 3,585 undergraduate and 178 PhD students were taught in general political science classes this year. Political science faculty mentored undergraduate theses, honors projects, Political Science Distinguished Undergraduate Research Program (DURP) participants, Dean's Freshman Research and Creative Scholars (DFRACS) Program participants, Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (UROP) participants, and led directed readings and other projects.

The faculty provided extraordinary service within the University, the academy, and the broader community. On campus, members of the department served on numerous committees and chaired the All University Honors Committee (Tim Johnson), the Council of Liberal Education (Kathryn Pearson), and the Senate Judiciary Committee (Ronald Krebs). Faculty sat on editorial boards for journals and book series across the discipline, including leadership roles as co-editor, editor-in-chief, and book review editor for leading journals. Our faculty reviewed scores of book and article manuscript submissions, grant proposals, and promotion and tenure cases. Finally, the department’s public engagement was wide-ranging, with faculty being an active presence in the community, the public sphere, and on social media.

Reflecting the collective quality of our work, faculty received numerous awards and grants in 2022. Kathryn Pearson received the President's Award for Outstanding Service, Jane Sumner was recognized with the Motley Teaching Award, and Tanisha Fazal was named a Scholar of the College. We received grants through the Human Rights Initiative, the Grant-in-Aid program, and through foundations both here and abroad. These grants supplement ongoing grants and awards from such entities as the National Science Foundation (NSF), the Stanton Foundation, the Department of Defense, the Carnegie Foundation, and the Talle Faculty Award. 

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