Student Spotlight: Marieclaire Mutamba

Marieclaire wearing gray t-shirt and sweat pants, in a crouching position with left arm resting on left leg.

Marieclaire Mutamba is a sophomore majoring in political science with a double-minor in business law and creative writing. Read her Student Spotlight Q&A to learn more about her experiences as a political science student.

What is your hometown?

Andover, Minnesota.

Why did you choose to major in political science?

I originally chose to major in poli sci because I plan on going to law school. But as I started taking classes, I realized how much I truly enjoy poli sci and the courses that are offered. Most class discussions aren’t boring, and it is always good to hear the opinions of others.

What has been your favorite political science course at UMN?

My favorite political science course so far has been POL 3282: Black Political Thought taught by Professor Bose, a class I am currently in. My second favorite class is POL 3462: Race, Class, and Ethnicity taught by Professor Nimtz.

Marieclaire wearing white shirt and green skirt, standing on a path surrounded by trees and a body of water.

How are you involved on campus? 

I am part of Black Christian Ministries (BCM); it has fostered such a great environment to build a stronger relationship with God and form connections with like-minded individuals. I am also a part of CINEMA-UMN, which is an emerging organization that is a space for creatives of all domains to build a network and grow & learn together.

What is your favorite part of the political science department?

My favorite part of the poli sci department is the class discussions. I like the range of conversations, since poli sci covers so many topics, almost each class will be discussing something different.

What do you hope to do after graduation? How has studying political science prepared you?

After graduation, I plan on going to law school. Poli sci has prepared me for this by strengthening my writing and analytical thinking skills.

What advice would you give to prospective political science students?

Some advice for prospective political science students is to be ready to read. If you don’t engage with the readings, it makes it harder to understand the class and participate in the class discussions. Not doing the readings will also catch up to you in the end when the longer papers are due.

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