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Recent Graduates

Congratulations to Our Recent Ph.D. Graduates!

Dominic Mussack, CAB
Advisor: Paul Schrater
Dissertation: Time allocation and meta-cognition: A computational approach towards the organization of motivation
Mengzhen Liu, PIB
Advisors: Scott Vrieze, Matt McGue
Dissertation: Insight Into Nicotine and Alcohol Use Through Genetic Association Meta-Analyses
Yihwa Baek, CAB
Advisor: Steve Engel
Dissertation: Event-related Potential Measurements of Long-term Orientation-specific Contrast Adaptation
Melinda Schreiner, CSPR
Advisors: Monica Luciana, Bonnie Klimes-Dougan
Dissertation: Functional and Structural Connectivity of Limbic and Interpersonally Relevant Regions in Non-Suicidal Self-Injury
Oren Shewach, I/O
Advisor: Paul Sackett
Dissertation: Developing a Construct-Valid Measure of Workplace Aggression
Lisa Auster-Gussman, Social
Advisors: Alex Rothman, Traci Mann
Dissertation: You Are What You Think: The Development and Initial Examination of a New Measure of Weight Mindset
Samuel Cooper, CSPR
Advisor: Shmuel Lissek
Dissertation: Normative and Pathological Personality Predictors of Generalized Conditioned Fear, Instrumental Avoidance, and the Covariation of Generalized Fear and Avoidance
Richard Lenne, Social
Advisors: Alex Rothman, Traci Mann
Dissertation: What sustains behavioral changes? A dynamical systems approach to improving theories of change in physical exercise
Julia Longenecker, CSPR
Advisors: Bob Krueger, Scott Sponheim
Dissertation: Electrophysiological and Personality Factors Associated with Aberrant Visual Processing in Psychosis
Kyle McNeal, I/O
Advisor: Nathan Kuncel
Dissertation: The Effects of Rater Performance and Perspective on Rating Leniency
Viann Nguyen-Feng, Counseling
Advisor: Pat Frazier
Dissertation: A randomized controlled trial of a mobile ecological momentary stress management intervention for students with and without a history of emotional abuse
Zhuoran Wang, Quant/PsyM
Advisors: Chun Wang, Niels Waller
Dissertation: Grid Multi-classification Adaptive Classification Testing with Multidimensional Polytomous Items
Xiang Zhou, Counseling
Advisor: Rich Lee
Dissertation: Construction and Cross-Cultural Validation of Parenting Regulatory Focus Scale