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Recent Graduates

Congratulations to Our Recent PhD Graduates!

Nilsu Atilgan, CAB
Advisors: Sheng He, Gordon Legge
Dissertation: Visual Constraints on Reading in Normal Vision, Low Vision and Dyslexia
Majel Baker, Counseling
Advisor: Pat Frazier
Dissertation: Daily Sexism Experienced by Women in STEM Majors: Incidence and Relations to Belonging, Interest, and Intentions
Alexander Bratch, CAB
Advisors: Dan Kersten, Steve Engel
Dissertation: Representation of Human Body Stimuli within the Human Visual System
Shengyu Jiang, QPM
Advisors: Chun Wang, Niels Waller
Dissertation: On-The-Fly Parameter Estimation Based on Item Response Theory in Item-based Adaptive Learning Systems
Keven Joyal-Desmarais, Social
Advisors: Alex Rothman, Mark Snyder
Dissertation: When and How Do Message Matching Interventions Work? Exploring Principles to Guide the Use of Message Matching Through a Systematic Review and Meta-analysis, and an Experimental Study
Adam Kim, PIB
Advisor: Rich Lee
Dissertation: People of Color are people of action: Asian American participation in own- group and African American-oriented collective action
Yizhou Ma, CSPR
Advisor: Angus MacDonald
Dissertation: In Search of the Psychosis Continuum in the Human Connectome
Tatyana Matveeva, CAB
Advisor: Jonathan Gewirtz
Dissertation: Relapse to opioids facilitated by witnessing the distress of another is mediated by the activity of oxytocin: a preclinical model of the neural substrates of the relationship between secondary trauma and addiction
Lexi Scharmer, Social
Advisors: Mark Snyder, Marti Gonzales
Dissertation: For the Planet, the Animals, or Oneself? Measuring Individuals’ Motivations to Restrict Meat Consumption and Encouraging Dietary Change
Emily Willoughby, PIB
Advisors: Matt McGue, James Lee
Dissertation: Tracing causes and consequences of human intelligence through genetic and cognitive data
Zara Wright, CSPR
Advisor: Bob Krueger
Dissertation: The Complex Relationship Between Personality and Functioning
Tetsuhiro Yamada, I/O
Advisor: Aaron Schmidt
Dissertation: Organizational and work correlates of sleep
Anne Zhou, Counseling
Advisor: Rich Lee
Dissertation: Exploring the Relationship between Barriers to Care with Intention to Seek Mental Health Services in College Students