Recent Graduates

Congratulations to Our Recent PhD Graduates!

Hui Bai, Social
Advisors: Gene Borgida, Chis Federico
Dissertation: Implicit and Explicit Prejudice Are Related to Explicit Support for Politicians Who Are Conservative, but Not White or Male, Mostly Because They Promote Inequality
Jessica Bair, CSPR
Advisor: Bill Iacono
Dissertation: Cannabis use and cognition from adolescence to young adulthood: exploring cause, consequence, and influencing factors
Scott Blain, BP/PIB
Advisors: Colin DeYoung, Bob Krueger
Dissertation: Individual Differences in Social Cognition and Behavior: A Personality Psychology Framework

Wen Bu, Social
Advisors: Gene Borgida, Chris Federico
Dissertation: Common Ingroup Identity and Racial Minority Political Solidarity

Lauren Clatch, Social
Advisors: Gene Borgida, Mark Snyder
Dissertation: Bargaining for Freedom: A Person-by-Situation Approach to Studying Plea-Bargain Decision-Making

Hyun Euh, Social
Advisors: Marti Gonzales, Mark Snyder
Dissertation: Being an Effective Ally: Values, Self-Efficacy, and Outgroup Collective Efficacy Predict Support for Autonomy- and Assistance-Focused Affirmative Action Policies 

Yijun Ge, CAB
Advisors: Sheng He, Dan Kersten
Dissertation: Hierarchical visual processing of stimuli with varying complexity

Christopher Hunt, CSPR
Advisor: Shmuel Lissek
Dissertation: Heightened Sensitivity to Improbable Catastrophes As a Pathogenic Marker of Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder: Theory and Experimental Evidence

Ummul-Kiram Kathawalla, Counseling
Advisor: Moin Syed
Dissertation: Discrimination, Life Stress, and Mental Health among Muslims: A Preregistered Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis

Addie Merians, Counseling
Advisor: Pat Frazier
Dissertation: Resilience in college students following childhood maltreatment

Joshua Mervis, CSPR
Advisor: Angus MacDonald
Dissertation: Know Thyself: Tracing Insight Along the Psychosis Spectrum

Danielle Pratt, CSPR
Advisor: Angus MacDonald
Dissertation: Striking A Balance Between Psychometric Integrity and Efficiency for Assessing Reinforcement Learning and Working Memory in Psychosis-Spectrum Disorders


Christine Wu, Counseling
Advisor: Rich Lee
Dissertation: What’s Race Got to Do With It? Narratives of Asian Americans in Asian/White Interracial Relationships