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We offer a rotating selection of graduate courses every semester. Our faculty teach seminars on a variety of thematic and practical topics. Check with your faculty advisor(s) as to which courses are appropriate for your individual plan of study. Please also note that while the courses listed below are graduate-level courses, PhD students are also permitted to take 5000-level courses

Spring 2021

Course NumberCourse TitleSections
PSY 8036Topics in Computational VisionSections [1]
PSY 8206Proseminar in Social PsychologySections [1]
PSY 8212Proseminar in Political Psychology IISections [1]
PSY 8333FTE: Master'sSections [1]
PSY 8444FTE: DoctoralSections [1]
PSY 8515University Counseling Practicum IISections [1]
PSY 8545Counseling Psychology Process and Outcome ResearchSections [1]
PSY 8561Counseling Psychology Advanced Practicum II: GeneralSections [1]
PSY 8566Counseling Psychology Advanced Practicum II: Career Counseling and Ass...Sections [1]
PSY 8611Intellectual and Neuropsychological Assessment: Measurement, Methodolo...Sections [1]
PSY 8620Clinical Practicum: Consultation, Supervision, Professional Standards,...Sections [1]
PSY 8622Theories and Methods of Effective InterventionSections [1]
PSY 8777Thesis Credits: Master'sSections [1]
PSY 8815Analysis of Psychological DataSections [2]
PSY 8888Thesis Credit: DoctoralSections [1]
PSY 8935Readings in Behavioral Genetics and Individual Differences PsychologySections [1]
PSY 8960Graduate Seminar in PsychologySections [3]
PSY 8993Directed Studies: Special Areas of Psychology and Related SciencesSections [1]

Fall 2021

There are no PSY courses available for Fall 2021.
Please see for more info.