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Psych Scoop, 8/27/19

August 28, 2019

August 27th, 2019

The Psych Scoop is sent to all Psychology Undergraduate students and alumni every Tuesday throughout the academic school year. 

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Psychology Advising Announcements

1. Welcome Back!

Welcome back to campus! As you get back into gear for this semester, keep our office's resources in mind. Psychology Advisors are available for appointments year-round to assist with psychology course-selection and major progress, career and graduate school preparation and selection, and general engagement to make the most out of your time here. To schedule an appointment, visit our website. We look forward to seeing you and wish you the best of luck in the coming semester!

Additionally, Psychology Advising will have extended drop-in hours during the first two weeks of classes for quick, five – ten-minute issues. Visit our website for drop-in availability.

Courses of Interest

2. PSY 4960: Current Issues in Diversity Science (3 credits - Elective)

This is an advanced topics course for undergraduate students interested in research, theory, history, and practice related to psychological perspectives in Diversity Science. Diversity Science broadly pertains to understanding causes, consequences, and correlates of human group-based variations, in terms of race, ethnicity, gender, and the like. Students will learn how to adopt a scientific, analytic perspective on current issues and debates related to diversity within both academic research and popular culture. This course will consist of lecture, discussion, and a substantial amount of hands-on learning through the use and analysis of relevant research data. Prior or concurrent enrollment in PSY 3301: Introduction to Cultural Psychology is suggested but not required. Completion of PSY 3801 and PSY 3001W strongly recommended but not required.

PSY 4960 meets Tuesdays and Thursdays from 11:15 am- 12:30 pm

Bruininks Hall 512B

Instructor: Moin Syed

Note: this course does count as an elective in the Psychology majors. If you are a minor, please reach out to for consultation.

3. PSY 3960: Careers in Psychology (1 credit - Elective)

Interested in exploring the vast career options in the field of Psychology? This fall's PSY 3960 course is an introduction to different career paths associated with an undergraduate degree in psychology (BA or BS). Students will gain an understanding of the major strengths and skills developed through the study in psychology and how those strengths and skills can be applied in many different career settings. Emphasis will be placed both on careers that require further schooling (e.g., Ph.D., Master's) and careers that do not. The course format will feature guest speakers from a variety of careers and a final project in which the students conduct an in-depth investigation of a career path of their choice.

PSY 3960 class meets weekly, Tuesdays 10:10 am - 11:00 am

Peik Hall 28

Instructor: Mike Houlahan

Please email for more information and any questions about this opportunity!


4. JCPenny Suit-Up Event

Sunday, September 8, 2019, 6:00 pm- 9:00 pm
Cost: free to attend
Location: Mayo Memorial Building Meditation Space

Are you looking for professional attire for upcoming career fairs and interviews? Come and take advantage of an additional 30% discount at the JCPenney Suit-Up event hosted by the University of Minnesota in partnership with your local JCPenney store. The 30% off discount is in addition to any other sales and promotions for up to a total of 60% off savings, so this is a great chance for you to update your wardrobe for recruiting season at a reasonable price. JCPenney will be closed to the public for this special event. Bus transportation will be provided to and from Lily Plaza on the East Bank (outside of Northrop). Buses will leave every 20 minutes, starting at 5:40 pm. The last bus will depart Lily Plaza at 8:40 pm. The final bus will leave JCPenney at 9:20 pm. Alternately, you may arrange your own transportation. The event entrance is on the north side of JCPenney (look for signage). RSVP on GoldPASS.

5. Twin Cities Undergraduate Student Jobs Fair 2019

Tuesday, September 10, 2019, 1:00 pm- 4:00 pm
Cost: free
Location: Great Hall in Coffman Memorial Union

Are you an undergraduate student looking for an on-campus or work-study job? Join us for the Twin Cities Undergraduate Student Jobs Fair on Tuesday, September 10th from 1:00 pm- 4:00 pm at the Great Room in Coffman! Here's what you can expect at this event:
-Meet with University departments hiring student workers
-Learn more about off-campus work-study opportunities
-Get help with your résumé
-Find out if you have work-study and how to use it
-Video interview for open student positions

6. University of Delaware Psychological & Brain Sciences Doctoral Programs Visit Day

Friday, October 4, 2019, applications due Monday, August 26th!
Cost: Free, with travel, lodging, and meals provided

The inclusion of diverse viewpoints, perspectives, and experiences is critical to the success of psychological and brain sciences. The University of Delaware Department of Psychological & Brain Sciences is hosting a Visit Day for all four of our Ph.D. programs. We invite research-oriented undergraduate seniors and recent graduates from underrepresented groups to apply to visit our campus and learn more about doctoral training in Psychological & Brain Sciences at the University of Delaware. For more information and application instructions, visit here.

Additionally, find other similar programs and opportunities here! (This document is maintained by the Psych Undergrad Advising Office)


7. Have a research position lined up? Fill out the Online Contract

Students participating in a PSY 4993/5993 experience during Fall 2019 should complete and turn in the Undergraduate Research Contract before the drop-add deadline (Monday, September 16th). Students participating in CPSY 4994 experiences who would like to receive credit towards their Psychology Major must also have a Psychology Undergraduate Research Contract signed before the end of the day Monday. The online research contract can be found by following this link: Scroll down the page to the "How to Register" section and look on step 4. You will be able to fill out the contract there. The contract will then be sent to the faculty member. If you have any questions, please email If you have already submitted your contract for Fall and signed up for your course, you do not need to submit another contract.

8. *Credit* Undergraduate Research Opportunity at the Institute of Child Development

We are looking for responsible, enthusiastic, and detail-oriented students to work in Professor Glenn Roisman's Relationships Reseach Laboratory in the Fall of 2019 to help with data entry and transcription of interviews about participants' childhood experiences with their primary caregivers. Prospective undergraduate research assistants must be prepared to sign up for 3 credits (approximately 10 hours of work per week, including a flexible schedule and 1-2 weekly, hour-long lab meetings). Please contact Professor Roisman by email at if you are interested and indicate your availability for an informal, 15-minute interview in Professor Roisman's office at the Institute of Child Development (104A Child Psych). Professor Roisman asks that you bring along to your appointment with him your resume and a brief writing sample (no more than 1-page excerpt) from a college paper.

9. *Credit or Volunteer* Study on Teenage Cannabis Use and Attitudes

I am looking for two undergraduate research assistants to work on an NIH-funded study aimed at developing and testing a multi-media resource for parents to address teenage cannabis use and attitudes. Specific activities involve the following: 1) conduct literature reviews and prepare summaries; 2) assist with summarizing focus group data collected from parents; 3) review drafts of components of the parent resource; and 4) actively participate in approximately 3-4 research meetings involving group discussions of assigned readings on youth cannabis use. Candidates must be pursuing a degree in Psychology or related field, and be willing to commit approximately 9 hours per week fall semester, 2019. This experience qualifies for 3 credits, PSY 4993. To apply, please send a cover letter and resume to Ken Winters at

10. *Credit* Family Cognitive Affective Neurodevelopment (Fam CAN) Lab Undergraduate Research Position

The Fam CAN lab is looking for Undergraduate Research Assistants to work on research projects run by Dr. Sylia Wilson in the Institute of Child Development and the Minnesota Center for Twin and Family Research. The purpose of this CPSY 4994 lab is to gain experience on research projects examining the different processes that lead to the development of psychopathology, particularly depression and substance abuse. UGRAs will become familiar with the research literature; assist in participant location and recruitment; conduct behavioral assessments with infants, children, and families; code, enter, and verify data; assist with collecting neuroimaging data with infants, children, and adults; and conduct quality assurance of infant, child, and adult neuroimaging data. Students register for 3 credits and are expected to spend 8 hours/week doing research activities, in addition to a 1-hour weekly Fam CAN lab meeting. Students also write a 5-page paper, due at the end of the term, that addresses how the Fam CAN research projects and data being collected can be used to answer an important scientific question (e.g., Do depression or substance use alter neurobehavioral development? How does having a parent with psychopathology affect neurobehavioral development in infancy and childhood? How is psychopathology transmitted from parent to child?). Interested applicants should send their unofficial transcript and resume to Dr. Sylia Wilson at Preference is given to students who commit to two terms.

11. *Credit or Volunteer* Research Intern for PTSD Studies – Psychology/Mental Health Department at Minneapolis VAHCS

The research intern will assist research staff in Dr. Nicholas Davenport’s Clinical Studies Lab. Dr. Davenport has 2 different studies that are currently enrolling or will soon start enrollment. Intern responsibilities will include preparing study materials, verifying accuracy of study data, conducting patient record review, and phone screening patients. Additional responsibilities may include working with databases and assessing participants depending on the intern’s experience and ability. This research is being conducted at the Minneapolis Veterans Health Care System. We encourage students who are sophomores/juniors to apply for these positions! Qualified candidates must be highly motivated, able to work independently, extremely detail-oriented, and willing to develop new skills as the need arises. We encourage students who are sophomores/juniors to apply for these positions! Excellent communication (written and oral), organizational and interpersonal skills; comfortable using basic computer programs such as Microsoft Word, Excel, and web applications. Candidates must be pursuing a degree in Psychology or related field, and be willing to commit to 9-10 hours per week for 12 months (hours and days are flexible, but will be M-F during normal business hours). To apply, please send a cover letter and resume to Dr. Nicholas Davenport at and Mary Evans-Lindquist at You may also call the Study Coordinator, Mary Evans-Lindquist at 612-467-4946

12. *Credit or Volunteer* Neuroimaging Research Opportunity

We invite undergraduate psychology sophomores/juniors to apply for a research assistant position to conduct neuroimaging/MRI research at the Department of Pediatrics in Dr. Igor Nestrasil’s lab (M.D., Ph.D.). We research neurodegeneration mostly in rare genetic diseases such as adrenoleukodystrophy, Gaucher disease, and mucopolysaccharidoses (MPS) but also in cytomegalovirus (CMV) encephalopathy in infants. We are looking for students with a strong aptitude for learning scientific concepts and technical computational skills for brain MRI analysis. This research opportunity may be used for PSY 4993 research credit. Participation in our lab is an excellent experience for those interested in pursuing a career in research, neuroscience and health profession. Individuals with a science GPA of 3.0 or better are strongly encouraged to apply. If you have extenuating circumstances that have caused your science GPA to be lower than a 3.0, please attach a letter of explanation. If you are interested in this opportunity, please send an email to Carol Nguyen at with the following information: (1) a brief explanation of the reason for your interest and your background in a 1/2-1 page cover letter and 1 page CV/Resume, including your science GPA; and (2) a list of the courses in the fields of anatomy, physiology, neuroscience, or other related coursework.

13. *Volunteer or Credit* Elison Lab for Developmental Brain and Behavioral Research

The Elison Lab for Developmental Brain and Behavioral Research is currently searching for volunteer research assistants for the role of sibsitting in the lab. Your job would be to entertain siblings of participants (generally ranging from 0-5 years of age) in our playroom during visits (typically 1-2 hours in length). The ideal candidate would have previous experience working with kids and have one to two large chunks of time during the week in which they would be available to be scheduled (i.e. all day Friday, or Monday and Tuesday afternoons, etc.). During weeks without the need for sibsitters, we may have you assist with data entry and other tasks in the lab. Your hours may vary week to week, but we would expect around 4-5 hours per week. We will also consider students who would like to do this for credit but would prefer volunteers. If you are interested, please email Rachel Roisum at with a brief description of why you are interested in this opportunity, and attach your resume to the email. Thank you for your consideration!

14. *Credit or Volunteer* Research Intern For Brain Neuromodulation Project in Alcoholism - Psychiatry Department

The research intern will assist research staff at the Psychiatry Department. The Department is currently running a research study that is in the active recruitment phase. Intern responsibilities will include preparing study materials, collecting data from participants, verifying accuracy of study data, and conducting patient record review. Additional responsibilities may include working with databases and assessing participants (using transcranial direct current stimulation and accompanying participants to brain imaging sessions) depending on experience and ability. This research falls under the direction of Dr. Jazmin Camchong, UMN faculty. The patient population includes patients enrolled in a treatment program for alcohol use disorder. Qualified candidates must be highly motivated, able to work independently, extremely detail-oriented, and willing to develop new skills as the need arises. Excellent communication (written and oral), organizational and interpersonal skills; comfortable using basic computer programs such as Google Docs, Microsoft Word, Excel, and web applications. Candidates must be pursuing a degree in Psychology or related field, and be willing to commit to 9-10 hours per week for 12 months (hours will be over ~3:00 pm- 6:00 pm times). To apply, please send a cover letter and resume to Jazmin Camchong at

15. *Credit* Minority Stress Lab

The Minority Stress Lab will be run by Dr. Richard Douglass and is seeking undergraduate research assistants to begin in the Fall 2019 semester. Projects will focus on examining how discrimination is associated with well-being outcomes among underserved populations with an emphasis on sexual and racial and ethnic minorities. Tasks may include literature reviews, data collection, and quantitative data cleaning and analysis. Please complete an application and e-mail Dr. Douglass at with the subject line "Directed Research." Preference will be given to applicants that can commit to 2-3 semesters and those that complete the application by 12:00 pm on September 6th.

16. *Credit or Volunteer* Research Opportunity with Adolescent Depression MRI Studies

The Health and Emotions in Adolescents: Research and Trajectories (HEART) Lab is a neuroimaging lab focusing on the brain function of adolescents – with and without depression – while they complete fMRI tasks designed to examine emotion regulation and cognition. We are currently in the data analysis, writing, and publishing phase so the up-side for you is that you will likely get your name in a paper if you stick with us! We are looking for students willing to commit to 5-12 hours/week with a GPA of 3.5 or above. Opportunity for directed research or UROP as well. Contact: If interested, please email the Principle Investigator, Karina Quevedo at and the Research Coordinator, Maggie Engstrom at engst263@umn.eduwith copy of your CV and unofficial transcript and subject line "HEART LAB Student."


17. Resource Website for Multilingual Students is a website to support multilingual students with their on-going language development and communication skills. The website includes self-study materials, practice quizzes, tips, videos, and useful links to provide English language practice with
-Speaking (participating in class, group work, discussions, and conversations and making friends)
-Vocabulary (academic words and informal language and slang)
-Reading (managing reading loads and strategies for different types of reading assignments)
-U.S. Culture (jokes and humor, cultural differences, social media resources, and advice to learn more about U.S. culture)
-Confidence (ways to build confidence, be less nervous about mistakes, and increase fluency).


18. CLA Student Board Fall 2019

The CLA Student Board is currently accepting applications for new members. To be considered, applicants must be able to attend weekly meetings from 3:30 pm – 4:30 pm on Wednesdays and be willing to commit time outside of meetings for events. Applications must be submitted by 11:55 pm on Friday, September 13th, 2019. Late or incomplete applications will not be considered. If you have questions, email clasb@umn.eduApply today!

Jobs/Internship Opportunities

IMPORTANT: Organizations listed below are not necessarily affiliated with or endorsed by the Department of Psychology or Psychology Undergraduate Advising. Please exercise the same discretion you would in viewing any other source.

19. Making A Difference, It’s What We Do

Alternatives for People with Autism Inc. is a non-profit, family-founded organization committed to creating life options for adults disabled by autism and other developmental disabilities. We are hiring for part-time and full-time positions for both students and college graduates. The Living Skills Instructor position provides a unique balance between direct care hours and psychology-based programming. There is ample opportunity for exploration and growth within our organization and beyond. Visit to view the job descriptions and fill out an online application. For additional information and to schedule an application appointment, please contact Chase Sobania, HR Coordinator, by email at or by phone at (763) 560-5330.

20. MHS is currently hiring for FULL-TIME mental health practitioners and professionals.

Since 2002, Mental Health Services (MHS) has been specializing in Dialectical Behavior Therapy for adults and adolescents as well as other specialty programming for individuals with dual disorders, chronic pain, cancer, and developmental disabilities. Clinicians provide individual and group therapy. Supervision, CE opportunities, and many other benefits are offered. Please visit our website to learn more about MHS. If interested in applying, please email your resume and cover letter to You will be contacted via phone to schedule an interview. Please only apply if you meet the minimum education and experience requirement.

21. Position Openings with MN Center for Twin & Family Research (Part-Time)

The Minnesota Center for Twin and Family Research (MCTFR) is seeking applicants for one part-time paid undergrad research assistant (UGRA) position. To view the full job posting, go to the UMN Job Board and follow the instructions. Click "Students," then search for the Job ID. The Job ID is 331406.