Diversity in Communication Specialty Program

The Department of Speech-Language-Hearing Sciences strives to ensure all students in its professional programs (AUD and MA-SLP) are equipped to recognize relevant aspects of diversity across clinical populations and to provide culturally responsive services to those populations. All AUD and MA students will complete a set of requirements to develop their skills in these areas.

Some students may have a particular interest in one or more aspects of diversity and wish to go beyond the broad competencies required of all students. For these students, the Diversity in Communication Specialty Program (DCS) is offered to guide the development of in-depth knowledge and skills within a specific, diversity-related, area of interest. Students who pursue the DCS will complete a set of requirements designed to develop deep understanding in one area of diversity for professional purposes. They will receive mentorship in completing activities that develop their knowledge and skills in their area of interest. Participation in the program is above and beyond the requirements for the MA or AuD and is voluntary. Participation does not add any additional cost or length to the student’s graduate training program.