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Helpful Resources and Writing Links

Language Level Syllabi

Online Dictionaries

Help with Grammar in Spanish

  • El uso de por y para–A downloadable handout with a brief review of use of "por" and "para"
  • Rules of editing–A helpful worksheet with some simple grammar tips you may have forgotten

Help with Aspects of Writing Style

Other U of M Resources for Improving Writing Skills

Language Center (ELSIE)

  • The Language Center–Explore the many ways the Language Center, located in Jones Hall 110, can assist you in writing your papers in Spanish.

Other Worksheets to Help with Writing in Spanish

  • Useful words for papers List of useful words for writing a paper in Spanish. Vocabulary for introductions, transition and connecting words, vocabulary for quoting sources, etc. (Spanish with English translation).
  • Checklist: Content and Organization A checklist for revising papers to make sure the content of your paper is relevant and your ideas are well organized (in English).

Downloadable Handouts