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Job Placement & Dissertations

Carra Martinez
Director of Community Engagement, Guthrie Theater
“East of the Center: Resingularizations of the Avant Garde in East Austin, Texas.”

Malin Palani
Faculty, Macalester College
“Performance With Others.”

Kelly McKay
Independent Scholar
“The Ethics of Occupation: Appropriation and Alignment as Spatial Practices among Mapuche Activists and Student Protestors in Santiago, Chile.”

Jonah Winn-Lenetsky
Faculty, Northern New Mexico College and Santa Fe University of Art and Design
“Gay Pride: What a Shame? Performing a Critique of Europride 2006 and the Postnational EU.”

Ashley Majzels
Faculty, University of Winnipeg
“This is Not My Body: Alienated Corporeality and Brechtian Critical Theatre Practices.”

Stephanie Lein Walseth
Director of Inquiry, Penumbra Theatre
“Staging Race in a "Post-Racial" Age: Contemporary Collaborations Between Mainstream and Culturally Specific Theatres in the United States.”

Eric Colleary
Cline Curator of Theatre and Performing Arts, University of Texas, Austin
“Beyond the Closet: LGBT and Queer Archiving in the United States.”

Kimi Johnson
Academic Technologist, University of Minnesota
“Here Be Dragons: Performing Virtual Embodiment, Social Conduct, and Racial Imaginaries in 'World of Warcraft'.”

Elliott Leffler
Faculty, Reed College
“The Harmonics of Intercultural Play: Participatory Theatre Within Interfaith and Interracial Initiatives”

Pabalelo Mmila Tshane
Faculty, University of Botswana
“Well-Being Performances in Botswana: Centering Women's Roles in Popular Theatre.”

George McConnell
Faculty, Florida State University
“Struck Stupid: 21st Century Theatrical Performance and the Limits of a Discourse.”

Shannon Walsh
Faculty, Louisiana State University
“Muscular Maternity: Progressive Era Physical Culture, Biopolitics, and Performance.”

Laura Purcell-Gates
Faculty, Bath University, UK
“Tout Bouge (Everything Moves): The (Re)Construction of the Body in Lecoq-based Pedagogy.”

Kay Martinovich
Adjunct Faculty, Northern Illinois University; independent artist
“A Poetics of Ghosting in Contemporary Irish and Northern Irish Drama.”

Rachel Chaves
Faculty, Western Illinois University
“zAmya Theater Project: Toward an Intimacy of Social Change.”

Jesse Glover
Adjunct Faculty, Otterbein University, OH; Artistic Director, Wild Goose Creative, Columbus
“Crafting Objects, Selves, Links: The Embodied Production of Relational Exchange in Performances of Craft in the United States.” 

Wendy Waszut-Barrett
Scenic artist and restorator 
“Scenic Shifts on the Scottish Rite Stage: Designing for Masonic Theatre, 1859-1929.” 

Will Daddario
Faculty, Illinois State University
“Baroque Venetian Theatre: Dialectics of Excess and Discipline in the Sixteenth and Seventeenth Centuries.”

Lisa Peschel
Faculty, York University, UK
“The Prosthetic Life: Theatrical Performance, Survivor Testimony and the Terezin Ghetto, 1941-1963." 

Joanne Zerdy
Adjunct Faculty, Illinois State University
“Performing spaces in Scotland: the theatre of circulating acts and localizing politics.”

Wade Hollingshaus
Faculty, Brigham Young University, UT
“Currencies of Rock Performance: Youth, Electricity, and Capital.”

Karen Martinson
Faculty, Chicago State University 
“Producing Identifications, Resisting Inequalities: Dolls, Bell Bottoms, and Beats.”

Lauren Love
Faculty, University of Wisconsin Baraboo/Sauk County
“I Hear America Kvelling Staging a Jewish American in the Twentieth Century.”

Roisin O’Gorman
Faculty, University College of Cork, Ireland
“Untitled: Senses of Performance in the Work of Marina Carr, Dorothy Cross and Ana Mendieta.”

Jeanne Willcoxon
Faculty, St Olaf College, MN
“The Plague of “Strange” Bodies: Contagion and Containment in the Queen's Masques.”

Robert Shimko
Faculty, University of Texas Houston, TX
“The Writing of History in the Early Restoration.”

Aravind Adyanthaya
Independent scholar and artist
“Pathologizing Gilles: Discursive Bodies in Thomas-Simon Gueullette's Parades and 18th Century Parisian Fairground Spectacles.”

Natalya Baldyga
Faculty, Tufts University
“Political Bodies and Bodies Politic: The Actor as Contested Site of Cultural Identity in Eighteenth-Century Europe.”

John Fletcher
Faculty, Louisiana State University
“Common Stage, Contested Stage: Democratic Performance Activism in the USA.”

Megan Sanborn Jones
Faculty, Brigham Young University, UT
“Rapists, Murderers and Turks; or, Mormon Subject Melodrama and American Culture, 1845-1900.”

Scott A. Magelssen 
Faculty, Washington University, WA
“Undoing History-Authenticity, Tourism, and the Precise and Vulgar Continuum: The Staging of the Past Through Performance and Display as Historiographic Operation at Living History Museums in the United States.”

Alan Sikes
Faculty, Louisiana State University
“The Performing Subject: Identity and Representation from Versailles to Versace.”

Patricia A. Ybarra
Faculty, Brown University
“Staging Tlaxcala: From Cite of Complicity to Site of Resistance.”

Matthew D. Wagner
Faculty, University of Surrey
“Towards a new Shakespearean Historiography: Mapping the Space of Shakespeare.”

Anja Klöck
Faculty, Hochschule für Musik und Theater, Leipzig, Germany
“SPEED dissolving TIME and SPACE: Technologies of Representation and the Women of Italian Futurist Theatre.”