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Meet our Graduate Students

Our PhD and MFA come from a variety of backgrounds and areas of study. 

Greta Gebhard (MA/PhD)

Greta’s primary research looks at the translation and performance of German theatre and its interactions with modern production companies and audiences. She is especially interested in German theatrical practices of the post-war eras of the 1930s and the 1950s.

Katelyn Buis (MA/PhD)

Kate is insatiably curious about the world and the humans around her, and has been teaching Public Speaking, Introduction to Acting, Debate, Introduction to Theatre, Advanced Acting, Creative Dramatics, and other undergraduate courses at Indiana University until arriving at UMN.

Hyo-jeong Hong (MA/PhD)

Hyo-jeong’s research focuses on how cultural performance in the service of mass-mobilization, such as a World’s Fair exhibition, a sports meeting, and Korean theatre, shaped a civilized collective Korean body during the transformation from independent nation-state to Japanese colony.