PhD in Theatre Historiography

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Sadly, we will not be accepting applications for entry to our program for fall 2021. The impacts of COVID-19 have challenged all institutions of higher education with budget shortfalls, delays to research timelines, and a severely constricted academic job market. Along with many PhD programs nation-wide, we decided to pause admissions for a year in order to channel our resources into the robust support of our current doctoral students. We hope to resume admissions for fall 2022. In the meantime, we are happy to answer your questions and encourage you to keep in contact with us about joining our program in a future year.
Please note that the Department of Theatre Arts & Dance offers only a PhD in theatre historiography. We do not admit students to a terminal master's degree; however, students in the PhD program may earn a master of arts degree on the way to their doctorate.

We offer a unique graduate program drawing from the varied research expertise of its core faculty: Cindy Garcia, Michal Kobialka, Sonja KuftinecSonali Pahwa, and Margaret Werry. Graduate students also draw on the specializations of faculty in the dance program such as Ananya Chatterjea, and over 30 affiliate faculty across the University of Minnesota, in disciplines as diverse as English, anthropology, cultural studies & comparative literature, Asian & Middle Eastern studies, art, art history, music, and geography.

The core curriculum consists of courses in historiography and pedagogy and a series of field seminars and signature seminars. You will choose a minimum of four seminars that suit your respective research interests.

  • Field seminars focus on topics in the historiography of theatre and performance, helping you to both develop a solid grounding in our discipline and engage in cutting-edge debates with a global and theoretically sophisticated perspective.
  • Signature seminars explore specific research methodologies in-depth, from performance ethnography to theatre for social change or performance studies.

The program is designed to be completed in four or five years. The first three years are spent in coursework: two structured years and a third year tailored to allow you to pursue your individual areas of interest in more depth. The final year or two of study is devoted to the research and writing of the doctoral dissertation.