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Internships give you a perfect opportunity to connect your education and career goals — to see what it means to apply what you’re learning to the world of work.

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Internships are incredible opportunities for you to:

•  Test out potential career choices and organizations.
•  Get a better sense of the types of job tasks you enjoy (or don’t enjoy, as the case may be).
•  Develop professional skills and build a network of contacts that will help you when you’re looking for a job, applying for graduate/professional school, or pursuing another post-graduation path.
•  Connect what you’re learning in the classroom (and through other engagement activities) with the world of work.

How to Find an Internship

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Not sure how to find an internship? Not to worry! Try our “How to Find an Internship” module.

Attend the Annual CLA Internship & Career Fair

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The CLA Internship & Career Fair is an annual fall event where you can explore internship opportunities with a wide variety of organizations that are hiring CLA students for internships.

How to Make an Internship Affordable

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We get it — there are financial barriers that can make completing an internship difficult. CLA offers internship scholarships to support students and alleviate some of the financial pressures that might come along with an internship. We also established the CLA Get Ready Internship program, which connects sophomore students to a network of CLA alumni and employer partners.

Earning Academic Credit for Internships

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There are various ways for you to earn academic credit for your internship. Read through the options and decide which one best fits your needs.

Making the Most of Your Internship

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Found an internship? Go, you! Now it’s time to get the most out of your experience. Take a look at our “Internship Guide: Making the Most of Your Internship” for helpful tips and exercises. We have designed pointers to help you prepare for the start of your internship, succeed during the experience, and end the internship skillfully. 

Recent CLA Internships

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You can search through our database to see where students from certain majors found internships, what their job function was, which industries they worked in, how long the internship lasted, and more.

Questions? Contact CLA Career Services at (612) 626-6574 or