CLA Community

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CLA Community

We strive to create a campus community where every member is regarded with respect and feels a sense of belonging.

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You Belong Here!

CLA is a large, diverse college where you will find your community and your path. No matter what, there are others here like you, and many ways to find connections to people and opportunities.

Justice, Equity, Diversity & Inclusion

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Social justice is a core value in CLA, and we believe that supporting students in their identities and communities is essential to ensuring their academic success.

CLA students come from all different backgrounds, ethnicities, geographic regions, and perspectives. Together in community, we engage with each other to increase awareness and empathetic understanding, as our students develop the Core Career Competency of engaging diversity.

Student Groups

College Day Student Organizations

Many student groups are affiliated with the College of Liberal Arts, allowing you to meet and connect with students who have similar interests.

Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Program

MLK Community

CLA is home to the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Program, which provides a unique space for students. It offers not only culturally-relevant academic advising, but also important social justice programming — from talks and symposiums to concerts, cultural celebrations, and off-campus trips. 

The MLK Program's mission is to foster students' engagement with and understanding of complex issues of power, privilege, and social justice.

CLA President's Emerging Scholars Program

PES Program

CLA's President's Emerging Scholars Program addresses the needs of students with diverse backgrounds and characteristics, including urban students, first-generation college students, rural students, student parents, students with disabilities, students of color, older students, and non-native speakers of English.

CLA PES students participate in advising and activities designed to provide the academic and personal support necessary to achieve academic success and graduate on time.

Alumni Network

CLA students can use the Maroon and Gold Network, an online platform that allows you to get advice from U of M alumni around the world who have volunteered to share it.

CLA Alumni Worldwide