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With CLA's focus on your career readiness, learning doesn’t stop at the classroom — not with the Twin Cities at our doorstep! We’re in the heart of it all.

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CLA Learning Communities

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Summer sessions can be a great opportunity to fit in more courses — and CLA has plenty to catch your interest!

Career Management Courses

CLA Career Services offers several career courses you can take as you explore your academic and career options, develop your Core Career Competencies, gain experience, and prepare for your life after graduation—whatever that may look like!


CLA student intern in Minneapolis

With the State Capitol, the Federal Reserve Bank, the Guthrie Theatre, and 18 Fortune-500s as neighbors, we can help you find the best learning experiences in town and far beyond. 

Internships are experiential learning opportunities that are connected to your education and career goals as well as your professional growth—especially your continuing development of the Core Career Competencies that signify your career readiness as a CLA student.

Internships can be paid or unpaid, taken for credit or not for credit, and can vary in hours or duration. 

Learning Abroad and Away

At international or domestic destinations, you can find a learning away program that matches your personal interests and goals —  whether it's studying in your major, interning, volunteering, conducting research, or participating in service-learning projects.


The University of Minnesota is a top research institution with an international reputation. The opportunities for you to engage in research experiences here are almost endless.