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The online CLA Career Hub helps you navigate what's available to you as you develop your career readiness—and helps you discover your next steps as you make career decisions.

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In CLA, we’ve invested in career readiness by developing innovative tools and resources specifically for liberal arts students, and by connecting students to people who can support them. 

Our goal is to help you articulate for yourself, your family, and future employers how your liberal arts education prepares you for your future career.

CLA's Core Career Competencies

CLA's Core Career Competencies

No matter which CLA major you choose, this is your liberal arts advantage. 

Academic advisors and career coaches will guide you to make sure you build a set of 10 versatile competencies through a combination of your CLA courses and experiences. By the time you graduate from CLA, you will be able to tell employers how you developed the Core Competencies to demonstrate your career readiness.

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CLA Career Services

411 Bruininks Hall - Career Services

Visit CLA Career Services for comprehensive, personalized guidance in Career Management—one of the ten Core Career Competencies that CLA develops in students to help them demonstrate and articulate their career readiness. Meet with a career counselor, take one of CLA’s Career Management courses, or participate in employer engagement opportunities like career fairs, site visits and more.

CLA Career Services


RATE Dashboard

RATE™ is an innovative online tool that is a core element of career readiness. It is a reflective learning and self-assessment activity that guides you through the process of thoroughly Reflecting on, Articulating, Translating, and Evaluating your diverse experiences. It helps you focus on the Core Career Competencies you are developing in and out of the classroom. RATE helps you tell your own unique story.

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MyCareerManagement is a recommendation tool that suggests possible next steps you can take for your career preparation. Your liberal arts experience puts you on a path towards career success, and a few extra steps along the way will set you on a path towards excelling! You simply answer a few questions, and this tool checks your career progress and gives you some ideas for what to do next.

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Handshake is the University of Minnesota’s free search database for jobs, internships, and volunteer positions offered exclusively to UMN students and alumni! You can register for career fairs and employer events, sign up for interviews with organizations that are coming to campus, and access other job search resources.

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Maroon and Gold Network

Maroon and Gold Network

Use the Maroon and Gold Network, an online networking platform that allows you to get career-related advice from U of M alumni around the world who have volunteered to share it.

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CLA Internship Guide: Making the Most of Your Internship

Internship Guide Cover

CLA provides you with the CLA Career Readiness Internship Guide: Making the Most of Your Internship because high-quality internships require intentionality. The Internship Guide gives you the tools, resources, and reflective practices that ensure a quality experience.

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CLA Career Readiness Guide

Career Readiness Guide cover

Use CLA’s Career Readiness Guide your first year through graduation to plan for your career. Learn about the Core Career Competencies with a focus on Career Management to help you learn how to explore careers, write a resume, and prepare for an interview.

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The SuperStrong helps you see how your interests intersect with specific major and career options. It measures interests, not skills or abilities, and the results can help you explore rewarding careers, work activities, education programs, and leisure activities.

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