Asmita Ghimire Publishes Article in Peitho

Headshot of Asmita Ghimire

Yogmaya Neupane: The Unknown Rhetorician and the Known Rebel

Peitho Volume 24 Issue 3, Spring 2022

Author(s): Asmita Ghimire

Asmita Ghimire is a PhD student in Rhetoric, Technical and Scientific Communication in the University of Minnesota Twin Cities. Her research areas are Technical and Professional Communication, Transnational and Translingual Rhetoric and Writing, Transnational Feminist Rhetoric and Writing, and Global Policy Rhetoric. She is originally from Nepal where she taught in the Kathmandu University after finishing her master in English Literature and Writing. She has published in Academic Labor: Research and Artistry and other scholarly Journals.  

Abstract: Yogmaya Neupane is a female rhetorician of Nepal who contributed to the eradication of the Sati system from the country in 1920. However, current studies of Yogmaya limit her as a feminist, rebel and literary figure, failing to recognize her rhetorical skills. This paper resurrects, and thereby calls for further studies of Yogmaya as a rhetorician. While doing this, this paper appropriates the western feminist methodologies of community listening, strategic contemplation, and critical questioning, ultimately showcasing how these methodologies blend and intersect in the project of reconsidering a transnational feminist as a rhetorician.


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