RSTC PhD Candidate Ryan Wold Receives Launch Grant to Expand the Reach of Dissertation Research

Ryan Wold

Minneapolis-based ECMC Group, in partnership with the Gary S. Holmes Center for Entrepreneurship at the University of Minnesota’s Carlson School of Management, is providing $75,000 to RSTC student Ryan Wold to fund further development of Tablmakr, a mentoring technology platform that connects students and mentors. The Tablmakr platform was developed by Ryan Wold, a 2021 member of the John DePodesta Leadership Fellowship Program, as part of his dissertation research that explores using communication technologies in ways that are aligned with humanity’s best interests.

“The DePodesta Fellowship provides an incredible opportunity to take everything I’ve been researching as a Ph.D. student for the last five years and turn it into something that could have a huge positive impact on society. At so many points in my life I’ve been thankful to have great mentors, so I’m excited to use the DePodesta Fellowship to build a platform that will allow more people to experience the benefits of mentorship and being a mentor.”


Ryan Wold

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