Danielle Stambler Wins 2020 SIGDOC Student Research Competition

Headshot of Danielle Stambler

Congratulations to Danielle Stambler, first place winner in the graduate division at the 2020 SIGDOC Microsoft-sponsored Student Research Competition, where she presented her dissertation research in "'Eating right' and user experience with an Employee Wellness Program." The SRC consists of several rounds of competition, beginning with the initial abstract submission process and preparation of an extended abstract for the conference Proceedings. During the conference, there are two rounds of competition, the first is a poster presentation, and then finalists go on to give live talks in round two. 


This project investigates how employees experience eating-related health communications and technologies in an Employee Wellness Program (EWP) at a large midwestern university. This poster presents preliminary results from a UX-informed survey of employees in order to argue that users are predominantly dissatisfied with EWP diet-related programming, and that the EWP would be well served by implementing a more user-engaged design process in order to better meet the wants and needs of its users.

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