Rosselot-Merritt and Bloch earn BPCQ outstanding article award

Jeremy Rosselot-Merritt, PhD candidate in the RSTC program, and co-author Janel Bloch (Northern Kentucky University) received the award for "Outstanding Article in Business and Professional Communication Quarterly" at this year's Association for Business Communication (ABC) virtual conference. Their article, "Mentoring in business and professional communication: Case study of a multiyear dynamic," discusses mentoring of grad students and early career researchers in business and professional communication (BPC). In the article, they relate mentoring with the evolution of BPC scholarship and the need to help BPC scholars and teachers connect with the field as early as possible. Using a critical reflective approach, they analyze artifacts from their own mentoring dynamic over time to help characterize potential formal and informal mentoring practices in BPC.

Slide image announcing Jeremy Rosselot-Merritt and Janel Bloch as recipients of the award for Outstanding Article in Business and Professional Communication Quarterly

Graduate Students
Research and Creative Work
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