Graduate Student Services

The CLA Office of Research and Graduate Programs (ORGP) offers graduate student services support regarding academic policies, program requirements and by providing relevant data to assist with program planning and funding. CLA’s Graduate Student Services serves as a central node to learn about CLA graduate program requirements, student funding opportunities, and academic life for CLA graduate students, staff, and faculty on the Twin Cities campus.

Molly Bancroft

Molly Bancroft
Johnston Hall 113

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Helpful Links - CLA Graduate Student Support

  • Graduate Student Resources
    A curated and fairly extensive list of resource links for CLA graduate students across the university, including links to the Graduate School, GSSP, Services and Centers,  Research Support and Funding, Summer Benefits, Well Being, Diversity, and much more.
  • CLA Graduate Career Services
    One-on-one confidential career advising and a wealth of resources for CLA Graduate Students at all stages of their graduate work and life.

University-Wide Services for CLA Grad Students