Grant & Career Achievements


The Department of Anthropology prepares our graduates with all of the knowledge and hands-on skills needed to excel in their field of choice.

About one-third of our graduates report continuing on to become professors, associate professors, or other kinds of academic faculty. Our graduates also enter into fields outside of academia, including business, law, medicine, research, engineering, and consulting.


Alumna Kathleen Kuehnast

Alumna Kathleen Kuehnast is a socio-cultural anthropologist and director of the Gender and Peacebuilding Center at the United States Institute of Peace.

Phd Alumna Heather O'Leary Headshot

Heather O'Leary (PhD '14) is a postdoctoral fellow McMaster University. She is working on an OECD/Global Water Partnership research project on Water Security and Sustainable Growth and is the coordinator of the new McMaster Water Network. Her dissertation explored the cultural dimensions of disparities in urban water access through engaged ethnography among Delhi's water-poor.