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Graduate seminars are taught annually in all of the three subfield PhD programs. Each of the three subfield programs has required courses which are taught in two year cycles. For details on required courses, see the relevant subfield program chapter in the graduate handbook.

Courses numbered 8000 or above are open to graduate students only; courses numbered from 5000 to 5999 are open to third and fourth year undergraduate students as well as graduate students. If in doubt whether a 4000-level course qualifies for graduate credit, email the the graduate program coordinator at

Students are expected to pursue their studies for their first three years in the program on a full-time basis. The Graduate School defines full-time study as at least 6 credit hours per semester. Students in the PhD program are generally expected to complete their required coursework no later than the end of their third year in their degree program.

As students are required to take a minor or supporting program, you are encouraged to seek out seminars in allied and related disciplines and programs.

Regularly Taught Graduate Courses

Regularly taught graduate courses are listed below and organized by subfield. Please visit ClassInfo to read course descriptions.

Sociocultural Anthropology

  • ANTH 8001: Ethnography, theory, and history (faculty)
  • ANTH 8002: Ethnography: contemporary theory and practice (faculty)
  • ANTH 8203: Research Methods is Social and Cultural Anthropology (faculty)
  • ANTH 8810: History, memory, haunting (Langford)
  • ANTH 8810: Business anthropology  (Beeman)
  • ANTH 8810: Humans and non-humans (McLean)
  • ANTH 8810: Language & modernity (Valentine)
  • ANTH 8810: Anthropology of capitalism (Ho)
  • ANTH 8810: Reading contemporary ethnography (Taussig)
  • ANTH 8810: Futures (Valentine)
  • ANTH 8810: Making the dead matter (McLean)
  • ANTH 8810: Sovereignty and witchcraft (Song)
  • ANTH 8810: Signification and social life (Langford)
  • ANTH 8810: Structure and apparatus (Song)
  • ANTH 8810: Finance and financialization (Ho)
  • ANTH 8810: Linguistic anthropology (Beeman)


  • ANTH 5015W Biology, evolution culture of language (Beeman)
  • ANTH 5021W Anthropology of middle east (Beeman)
  • ANTH 5031W: Scientific encounters (Langford)
  • ANTH 5980: Topics in anthropology (faculty)


  • ANTH 8004: Foundations of anthropological archaeology (Hayes)
  • ANTH 8112: Reconstructing hominin behavior (Tappen)
  • ANTH 8230: Anthropological research design (Hayes, Monnier)
  • ANTH 8244: Interpreting ancient bone (Tappen)
  • ANTH 8510: Archaeology of the british isles (Wells)
  • ANTH 8510: Archaeology of representation as communication (Wells)


  • ANTH 5027W: Archaeology of prehistoric europe (Wells)
  • ANTH 5221: Anthropology of material culture (Tostevin)
  • ANTH 5269: Analysis of stone tool technology (Tostevin)
  • ANTH 5401: The human fossil record (Tappen, McNulty)
  • ANTH 5402: Zooarchaeology laboratory (Tappen)
  • ANTH 5444: Archeological ceramics (Hayes)
  • ANTH 5448: Applied heritage management (faculty)
  • ANTH 5601: Archaeology & native americans (Hayes)
  • ANTH 5980: Topics in anthropology (faculty)

Biological Anthropology

  • ANTH 8111: Evolutionary morphology (McNulty)
  • ANTH 8112: Reconstructing hominin behavior (Tappen)
  • ANTH 8113: Primate evolution (McNulty)
  • ANTH 8230: Anthropological research design (Hayes, Monnier)
  • ANTH 8244: Interpreting ancient bone (Tappen)


  • ANTH 5009: Human behavioral biology (Wilson)
  • ANTH 5401: The human fossil record (Tappen, McNulty)
  • ANTH 5402: Zooarchaeology laboratory (Tappen)
  • ANTH 5403: Quantitative methods in biological anthropology (McNulty)
  • ANTH 5405: Human skeletal analysis (McNulty)
  • ANTH 5980: Topics in anthropology (faculty)

Upcoming and Current Course Offerings

Below is the list of 8000-level seminars and independent study options available for the current semester. Please note that courses with the designator ANTH 8810 are "topics" courses which vary by semester. Click on the link for each topics course to learn about the specific class. 

Spring 2021

Course NumberCourse TitleSections
ANTH 5045WUrban AnthropologySections [1]
ANTH 5128Anthropology of EducationSections [1]
ANTH 5255Archaeology of Ritual and ReligionSections [1]
ANTH 5401The Human Fossil RecordSections [1]
ANTH 5448Applied Heritage ManagementSections [1]
ANTH 5601Archaeology and Native AmericansSections [1]
ANTH 8009Prehistoric Pathways to World CivilizationsSections [1]
ANTH 8333FTE: MastersSections [1]
ANTH 8444FTE: DoctoralSections [1]
ANTH 8555Master's Project CreditsSections [1]
ANTH 8666Doctoral Pre-Thesis CreditsSections [1]
ANTH 8777Thesis Credits: Master'sSections [1]
ANTH 8810Topics in Sociocultural AnthropologySections [1]
ANTH 8888Thesis Credit: DoctoralSections [1]
ANTH 8991Independent StudySections [19]
ANTH 8992Directed ReadingSections [19]
ANTH 8993Directed StudySections [19]
ANTH 8994Directed ResearchSections [20]

Fall 2021

There are no ANTH courses available for Fall 2021.
Please see for more info.