Recent Dissertations

Dissertations are listed by year in reverse order.

Britt Van Paepeghem
Museums of Melancholy: Empire, Antiquities, and Cultural Policy in Turkey 
Advisors: Hoon Song, Jean Langford

Ursula Dalinghaus
"Accounting for Money: Keeping the Ledger of Monetary Memory in Germany"
Advisors: Karen Ho and Stuart McLean

Katherine M. Erdman
"Engaging the intranatural at the source of the Douix (Côte-d'Or, France): objects, communication, and ritual in a fluid environment"
Advisor: Peter Wells

Laura Eleanor McLeod
"Hungry Spirits: Anishinaabe resistance and revitalization"
Advisor: Stephen Gudeman

Heather Elaine O'Leary
"Uneven Absorption: World Class Delhi, Domestic Workers and the Water that Make Them"
Advisor: William Beeman

Avigdor Edminster
"This dog means Life”: making interspecies relations at an assistance dog agency" 
Advisor: Stuart McLean

Dennis Stromback
"Gesturing towards Shambhala: the mimesis of modernity, the Dharma, and science in McLeod Ganj"
Advisors: Hoon Song, Jean Langord, and Roger Jackson

Kent Einar Bakken
"Lithic raw material use patterns in Minnesota"
Advisor: Gilbert Tostevin

Laura Eileen Hauff
"Biological and social factors associated with reduced lactation duration in overweight women"
Advisors: Michael Wilson and Gregory Laden

Melissa Riviere
"Son Dos Alas: A Multimedia ethnography of hip-hop between Cuba and Puerto Rico" 
Advisor: Frank Miller

Joseph Walsh Esser
"From hyperghettoization to the hut: Dilemmas of identity among transmigrant tipoti in the kingdom of Tonga"
Advisor: David Lipset

Reed Allen Coil
"Spatial analysis of the faunal assemblage at Dmanisi, Georgia: A look at analysis methods in theory and in practice"
Advisor: Martha Tappen

Bradley Edward Perkl
"The late Archaic-Early Woodland transition in Southeastern Minnesota" 
Advisor: Guy Gibbon

David Charles Tennessen
"Stone Tools and Behavioral Ecology on Alaska's Katmai Coast"
Advisor: Peter Wells

Edward Paul Fleming
"Community and aggregation in the Upper Mississippi River Valley: the Red Wing Locality" 
Advisor: Guy Gibbon

Sabrina Christiene Curran
"Hominin Paleoecology and cervid ecomorphology"
Advisor: Martha Tappen

Sara Kaiser-Holt
"Contradictory economies in post-socialist rural Hungary: the emergence, endurance and persistence of the hoop-house economy in Balastya"
Advisor: Stephen Gudeman

Sebastian C. LeBeau II
"Reconstructing Lakota ritual in the landscape: the identification and typing system for traditional cultural property sites" 
Advisor: Guy Gibbon

Susan Ann Goette
"Accessioning visions of the people" 
Advisors: Timothy Dunnigan and Kathleen Barlow