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ALCM Asia Colloquium Series

For more information about the Asia Colloquia, please contact the Department of Asian Languages & Literatures at

Students and faculty of Asian Literatures, Cultures, and Media have organized a colloquium series for sharing work in progress, engaging in conversation, and furthering research in general. The colloquium series presents an opportunity for scholars working on some aspect of Asian cultures to come together, share works in progress, and have in-depth discussions of issues of theory and methodology that have relevance across national, regional, and disciplinary boundaries. Though it is designed primarily with ALCM graduate students and faculty in mind, the colloquium is open to members of other departments who work on Asia and often attracts people from other areas altogether. Occasionally, guests from other universities are invited to present their work as well.

Meeting on a monthly basis, the colloquium series covers a variety of topics, disciplinary orientations, regions, and periods. The colloquium has proved useful for students at different stages of their careers and faculty interested in giving some of their work an initial hearing. For a schedule of upcoming colloquia, please see the list below or visit our News & Events page.

2017–18 Colloquium Series

Title Presenter
February 14, 4:00pm, 435 Blegen Hall: Film Screening - "Demons in Paradise (2017)" Filmmaker Jud Ratnam and V.V. Ganeshananthan, Professor, Department of English, University of Minnesota
January 31, 4:00pm, 710 Social Sciences: "Unsettling the Revolutionary Subject: the Feminist Implications of the Egyptian Revolution of 2011". Download an abstract of this presentation here. Nadine Suleiman Naber, Associate Professor, Department of Gender and Women's Studies, University of Illinois at Chicago
December 8, 1:30pm, 112 Folwell Hall: "Snail Watchers’: Corpses, Creatures and Vulnerability in Xoru Dhemali, Bor Dhemali". Download an abstract of this presentation here. Amit R. Baishya, Assistant Professor, Department of English, University of Oklahoma
December 1, 1:30pm, 112 Folwell Hall: "Feminist Montage: The South Korean Feminist Online Community Megalian and its Fractured Mirroring of the New Woman Phenomenon". Download an abstract of this presentation here. Soyi Kim, 2017 Rose Travel Fellowship Recipiant and PhD Student, Department of Cultural Studies and Comparative Literature, University of Minnesota
November 21, 1:00pm, 108 Folwell Hall: "De-Naturalizing the Anthropocene: Landscape, Animals, and Place in Post-3/11 Nuclear Disaster Documentaries". Download an abstract of this presentation here. Hideaki Fujiki, Professor of Cinema Studies and Director of Japan-in-Asia Cultural Research Center, Nagoya University
November 17, 1:30pm, 135 Nicholson: "Hollywood Made in China". Download an abstract of this presentation here. Aynne Kokas, fellow at the Woodrow Wilson Center for International Scholars and Assistant Professor of Media Studies, University of Virginia
November 3, 1:30pm, 112 Folwell Hall: "Simplicities: A Colonial Archive (Al-Farabi, Aristotle, Benjamin, Paul)'. Download an abstract of this presentation here. Jeffrey Sacks, Associate Professor and Chair, Department of Comparative Literature and Languages, University of California, Riverside
October 6, 3:30pm, 112 Folwell Hall: "Fear and Fiction: A Bilingual Reading with Fujino Kaori". Fujino Kaori, Fiction Author (w/ Prof. Kendra Strand and Prof. Kendall Heitzman, University of Iowa)
October 6, 1:30pm, 112 Folwell Hall: "Translating Contemporary Chinese Poetry: Readings and a Conversation with Christopher Lupke and Jennifer Feeley". Download an abstract of this presentation here. Christpoher Lupke, Professor, Department of East Asian Studies, University of Alberta and Jennifer Feeley, Freelance Translator
September 22, 1:30pm, 113 Folwell Hall: "Allegiance Performed: Waṭanīya Poetry on the Stage of the Shāʻir al-Milyūn Competition". Download an abstract of this presentation here. Dr. Katrien Vanpee, Director of Arabic Language Instruction, Department of Asian Languages and Literatures, University of Minnesota

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