Shinsaibashi street scene, Osaka, Japan

Questions about the Japanese program?

Contact the Director of Japanese Language Instruction, Fumiko Matsumoto (matsu021@umn.edu).

The Department of Asian and Middle Eastern Studies' Japanese Program is one of the biggest in America and offers a wide range of Japanese language courses from a beginning to advanced level. Our program focuses on developing the four basic communicative skills: speaking, listening, reading, and writing, while exploring diverse cultural perspectives.

Studying Japanese will not only broaden students’ career options, but also prepare them for the real world by cultivating critical thinking and lifelong learning skills. Exposure to Japan’s intricate and expressive language and widely-admired culture will open up new avenues of inquiry.

The Japanese program includes five years of coursework, after which students will have achieved superior language skills in the areas of writing, reading, speaking, and listening.