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Questions about the Arabic program?

Contact Director of Arabic Language Instruction Katrien Vanpee.

The Arabic program delivers intensive Arabic language classes to more than 160 students each year. The development of intercultural competence and training in the literary history and cultural practices of the Arab world are integral components of the program. The program offers three levels of intensive Modern Standard Arabic (MSA): beginning, intermediate, and advanced; and two semesters of colloquial Arabic. Courses are taught in sequence during fall and spring semesters. Ten-week intensive sessions of beginning and intermediate MSA and colloquial Arabic are also offered in summer.

Using a proficiency-oriented curriculum, the Arabic program works on students’ development toward skilled, confident users of Arabic, capable of appropriately navigating the spectrum of Arabic language registers. Our Arabic language classes are taught following a communicative approach and are highly interactive learning environments. All teaching staff in the Arabic program are specialized in language pedagogy in addition to their individual fields of research interest.

In addition to our language and literature courses, the Arabic program offers a rich variety of cultural events throughout the year, including a biweekly Arabic film series. Our language courses are supported by a network of skilled tutors who are available throughout the week to work with our Arabic students.

Degree Programs in Arabic

Our students can pursue a BA or a minor in Asian and Middle Eastern Studies with an Arabic sub-plan. Minors consist of a language component and a number of content courses related to the sub-plan. Learn more about our major and minor in Asian and Middle Eastern Studies .