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Summer Japanese Program

Complete an entire year of Japanese study in only ten weeks! The Department of Asian and Middle Eastern Studies offers an intensive, ten-week summer program in Japanese. Our summer course is open to both University of Minnesota students and non-UMN students. For details and registration information, visit the Asian and Middle Eastern Studies Summer Program page, and the Summer Japanese Program subpage.

Study Abroad

The Learning Abroad Center (LAC) at the University of Minnesota offers a variety of study-abroad opportunities in Japan.

Bilateral Programs

Unilateral Programs

The TandemPlus Language Exchange Program

Students enrolled in Japanese classes are encouraged to participate in a language partnership through TandemPlus, a language exchange program run by the Language Center. Students enrolled in TandemPlus meet weekly with a native speaker of Japanese to practice conversation in Japanese and English. The program is free and students can participate in as many language partnerships as they like. The TandemPlus program is a great opportunity to practice conversational Japanese, to learn about Japanese culture, and to make new friends.

On-Campus Opportunities

  • Student Organizations on Campus
    Gain cultural experience through several Japan-related student organizations on campus. These include: Asobou Japanese Immersion (AJI) Club, J-Café, and Japan Student Association (JSA). Students can enjoy Japanese events, films, and conversations.
  • Tutors
    Students have the opportunity to be provided with tutors by the Japanese Language Program, and with language exchange experience by the Tandem Plus Program.

Off-Campus Opportunities