MA in Classics

The Classics M.A. program is aimed at preparing students for admission to top national programs or for employment at selective secondary educational institutions (such as high schools or prep schools). Students should be able to complete the degree in two years by:

  • Taking four 3-credit graduate courses per year (total of 24 credits), half in Greek, half in Latin. These courses cover a variety of authors and genres over the course of two years to give students a strong foundation in classical literature.
  • Taking one 3-credit graduate seminar in either Latin or Greek.
  • Taking 6 credits outside the major. CNRC graduate students are strongly encouraged to adopt a broad interdisciplinary approach.

Other Program Requirements

  • Pass proficiency exam in either Classical Greek or Latin by the third semester in the program.
  • Demonstrate proficiency in a modern language that is used in the discipline.
  • Pass a final examination that consists of both written and oral formats and that a faculty committee evaluates.

Program Prerequisites (beyond what is required for the application process)

  • Advanced ability in at least one classical language, and at least intermediate ability in the other. (Normally advanced ability is achieved by successfully completing three years at the college level, and two years for intermediate ability.)

Program Funding

  • The primary source of funding in our program typically comes in the form of teaching assistantships that offer a salary and carry full tuition and nearly full health care benefits.
  • Summer fellowship funding is typically available during the duration of your program.

Contact Information

Example of an M.A. graduate student’s course of study

Coursework towards the major

  • LAT 5100 and 5200 for two years (12 credits)
  • GRK 5100 and 5200 for two years (12 credits)
  • GRK 8910: Seminar: Abandoned Women

Coursework outside the major

  • HIST 5890: Readings in American Indian and Indigenous History
  • ANTH 5327W: Inca, Aztec & Maya Civilizations


Visit CLA’s website for graduate students for more information about collegiate funding opportunities, student support, career services, and more.