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Name Contact Specialty
Charles Baxter
Edelstein-Keller Professor in Creative Writing
255 Lind Hall
Creative writing: fiction, modernism, contemporary fiction, American literature
Peter Campion
Associate Professor
14 Lind Hall
Creative writing: poetry; poetry and the visual arts; prosody
V.V. Ganeshananthan
Assistant Professor
210M Lind Hall
Creative writing: fiction; journalism
Ray Gonzalez
330A Lind Hall
Creative writing: poetry, creative nonfiction, fiction; US Latino literature
Douglas Kearney
Assistant Professor
210C Lind Hall
Creative writing: poetry
Kathryn Nuernberger
Assistant Professor Creative writing: poetry and literary nonfiction
Dan Philippon
Associate Professor
21 Lind Hall
Environmental literature, history, and ethics; ideas of nature, culture, and place
Julie Schumacher
Professor; Interim Director for Spring 2021
336 Lind Hall
Creative writing: fiction, contemporary fiction, children's literature
Kim Todd
Director - currently on sabbatical
Associate Professor
222 Lind Hall
Creative writing (literary nonfiction), science and environmental writing

Visiting Faculty

In accordance with University of Minnesota Policies, we welcome visiting scholars.  Please note that all visiting positions are subject to the approval of the chair.

Name Contact Specialties
Edelstein-Keller Writer in Residence
Creative writing: literary nonfiction, memoir, children's literature