We make every effort to guarantee all students admitted to our PhD programs, including international students, a maximum of five years of financial support, as permitted by college and University resources, policies, and procedures. Students beyond the fifth year are afforded support when resources permit.

Typically, graduate funding takes the form of a combination of teaching assistantships, small grants, and occasionally larger fellowships, which usually involve University-wide competition. The funding package for each academic year within the first five years covers tuition, most fees, and either salary for teaching or stipend for grants or fellowships. The combination of salaries and stipends is designed to cover the living expenses commensurate with a typical graduate-student lifestyle in the Twin Cities.

Teaching Assistantship Appointments

Teaching Assistantships are available for CL and CSDS graduate students. As part of the department's commitment to prepare graduate students for academic careers, we typically support all students in good standing for five years. Initially, teaching assistants act as Reader/Graders (RGs), grading examinations and papers in undergraduate courses. After a period of preparation, they may also have the opportunity to teach syllabi of their own design as Graduate Student Instructors (GSIs) in entry- and mid-level courses in the Department of Cultural Studies and Comparative Literature.

Appointments are made at the 50% level (approximately 20 hours per week) and 25% level (10 hours per week). Teaching assistants at the 50% level also are awarded a full tuition scholarship, up to 14 credits per semester, and those at the 25% level a scholarship for half tuition.

By department policy, each graduate student is assigned a faculty Teaching Mentor, with whom the student meets annually to evaluate teaching strengths and needs. A variety of working groups, presentations, and seminars focused on teaching techniques and strategies are offered periodically throughout the year by the Graduate School, the Center for Educational Innovation, the Center for Writing, and other entities.

Teaching Assistantships in Other Departments

Graduate students occasionally hold part-time teaching positions in other departments. Students who are fluent in a foreign language and who have teaching experience may wish to apply for a Teaching Assistantship in the appropriate language department. Teaching assistantships in other departments are usually reserved for graduate students enrolled in those departments, but students from across the University are regularly awarded positions in the Department of Writing Studies and the Center for Writing. Inquire directly to these departments about openings and application procedures.

Research Assistant Appointments

From time to time CSCL faculty garner funding that will support the employment of a graduate Research Assistant (RA), generally at 25% or 50% time. These opportunities are posted on the CL-CSDS listserv; interested graduate students apply directly to the faculty member posting the position. CL and CSDS graduate students also may apply for research assistantships with faculty in other departments.

Fellowship Opportunities

For more information and a full list of fellowships available through the University, see the Graduate School Fellowship Office.

Note: If you are an underrepresented, educationally disadvantaged, or physically disadvantaged student, inform us at the time of application. The University offers special fellowships for which you might be nominated by the Department of Cultural Studies and Comparative Literature. 

Other Funding Resources