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Job Placement & Achievements

Comparative Literature

Our graduates have secured tenured and tenure-track positions in Comparative Literature, English, Theatre, Classics, national language programs and interdisciplinary programs at institutions such as the following:

Timothy August
Cultural Studies and Comparative Literature, Stony Brook University

Mark Axelrod
English, Chapman University

Stacy Beckwith
Hebrew and Judaic Studies, Carleton College

Pascale Bos
Germanic Studies, University of Texas at Austin

Sarah Bryant-Bertail
Scandinavian Studies, University of Washington

Terry Cochran
Comparative literature, Universite de Montreal

Daniel Dooghan
English, University of Tampa

Jeanine Ferguson
Grants Coordinator, University of Minnesota

K. Martial Frindéthié
Languages, Literatures & Cultures, Appalachian State University

Fontini Georgousi
English and Modern Languages, The American College of Greece

Gitahi Gititi
Film, Media, and Africana Studies, University of Rhode Island

Christian Haines
English, Dartmouth College

Ronald Judy
Critical and Cultural Studies, University of Pittsburgh

Karen Juers-Munby
Contemporary Arts, Lancaster University

Neil Larsen
Comparative Literature, University of California-Davis

Silvia Lopez
Spanish, Carleton College

Monika Mehta
English, State University of New York-Binghamton

Hassan Melehy
French, University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill

Andreas Michel
German, Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology

Kitty Millet
Jewish Studies, San Francisco State University

Steven Nimis
Classics, Miami University (OH)

Andrew Opitz
English, Hawaii Pacific University

Yun Peng
East Asian Languages and Literatures, University of Hawaii at Mánoa

Akshya Saxena
English, Vanderbilt University

Lindsey Green-Simms
Literature, American University

Julietta Singh
English, University of Richmond

Ann Marie Stock
Film Studies and Hispanic Studies, University of William and Mary

Steve Suppan
Senior Policy Analyst, Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy

Miguel Tamen
Romantic Literatures, Universidade de Lisboa

Elizabeth Walden
English and Cultural Studies, Bryant University

Lesley Walker
Dean of the College of Arts and Humanities, Indiana University-South Bend

Wei Zhang
Philosophy, University of South Florida

Marla Zubel
World Literature, Western Kentucky University


Comparative Studies in Discourse and Society

Our graduates have secured tenured and tenure-track positions in Comparative Literature, English, Film and Media, national language programs, and interdisciplinary programs at institutions such as the following:

Mazher Al-Zo'by
International Studies, Zayed University

Karyn Ball
English and Film Studies, University of Alberta

Bruce Campbell
Hispanic Studies, St. John's University

John Collins
Global Studies, St. Lawrence University

Nicholas de Villiers
English, University of North Florida

Barbara Engh
History of Art and Cultural Studies, University of Leeds

Stephen Groening
Cinema and Media Studies, University of Washington

Thomas Haakenson
Liberal Arts, Minneapolis College of Arts and Design

Jennifer Horne
Media Studies, The Catholic University of America

David Jenemann
English, University of Vermont

Doug Julien
English, Texas A&M University-Texarkana

Andrew Kincaid
English, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

Andrew Knighton
English, California State University-Los Angeles

Amitava Kumar
English, Vassar College

Daryl Lee
Humanities, State University of New York Institute of Technology

Xiuwu Liu
Chinese, Miami University (OH)

Stephen Macek
Communication and Media Studies, North Central College

Cecily Marcus
Archives and Special Collections, University of Minnesota Libraries

Martha Mockus
Asian Languages and Literature, University of Minnesota

Negar Mottahedah
Literature and Gender, Sexuality, and Feminist Studies, Duke University

Sean Nye
Musicology, Thornton School of Music, University of Southern California

Thomas Roach
English and Cultural Studies, Bryant University

Sara Saljoughi
English and Cinema Studies, University of Toronto

Justin Schell
Learning Design Specialist, University of Michigan Libraries

Scott Sherer
Art and Art History, University of Texas at San Antonio

Gauti Sigthorsson
Media and Communication, University of Greenwich

Adam Sitze
Law, Jurisprudence and Social Thought, and Black Studies, Amherst College

Hans Skott-Myhre
Child and Youth Studies, Brock University

Michelle Stewart
Film and Media Studies, State University of New York–Purchase

John Stolle-McAllister
Modern Languages, Linguistics and Intercultural Communication, University of Maryland-Baltimore County

Brynnar Swenson
English, Butler University

Joseph Tompkins
Communication Arts, Allegheny College

John Troyer
Social and Policy Sciences, Centre for Death and Society at the University of Bath

Marjorie Weinstein
NYC Mayor's Office of Technology and Innovation

Craig Wilkins
Architecture and Urban Planning, University of Michigan