MEBDI organizes events that promote research analyzing big data with the guidance of economic models and theory.

The first initiative undertaken by MEBDI is the development of an international database that will provide a wide range of research and policy relevant statistics on micro dynamics, covering workers, households, and firms, as well as the linkages between these different economic units. The project leaders are Fatih Guvenen of MEBDI and University of Minnesota, Luigi Pistaferri of Stanford, and Gianluca Violante of Princeton.

The project is currently underway and currently includes 13 countries (with about 40 country team members), with a planned expansion to about 25 countries by 2021. Quantitative Economics will publish a special issue (the first for any Econometric Society journal) with articles covering the first set of countries.

Second Conference

From April 30th to May 1st, 2020, MEBDI will co-organize the second conference for the project where country teams present their results for their respective countries. The event is co-sponsored by the Minneapolis Federal Reserve Bank and the Washington Center for Equitable Growth.

You can contact to register for the conference. 

Program for our upcoming conference:

this is the program for the second conference.
this is the program for the second conference.