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Recent Dissertations


Elisabeth Alderks

"Not the Truth But the Way’: the Ethics of Irony in World Literature"
Advisor: Timothy Brennan

Yuan Ding

"Capitalizing Race: Diasporic Narratives and Global Asia"
Advisor: Josephine Lee

Samantha Majhor

"We Are All Related: Contemporary Native American Literature and the Nonhuman Turn"
Advisor: Josephine Lee 

Katelyn McCarthy

"Reading the Double Bind: The Death of the Good Woman in Early Modern Literature"
Advisor: John Watkins

Michael Rowe

"Aliens and Animals: Notes on Literary Lifeforms After Darwin and Freud"
Advisor: Lois Cuculu


Katelin Krieg

"The Victorian Mind’s Eye: perception as Form in Literature and Science"
Advisor: Andrew Elfenbein

Adam Lindberg

"Playing Badly: The Heroic Cheat and the Ethics of Play"
Advisor: Jani Scandura

Grace Miller

"Babel's Apology: Religious Nostalgia and Literary Engagement with the Postsecular Age"
Advisor: Daniel Philippon

Asa Olson

"The Form of Selfhood: Elegy and Self-Presentation in Early Modern England"
Advisor: John Watkins

Barbara Schulman

"Blackface Minstrelsy: Handbooks for the Amateur, 1899-1921"
Advisor: Josephine Lee

Jeffrey Squires

"The Exculpation of the Desperate: Comforting the Desperate in England, 1580-1680"
Advisor: John Watkins

Robert St. Lawrence

"The Good Life: Weakness in the Survival Years"
Advisors: Jani Scandura and Maria Damon


Jennifer Baltzer-Lovato

"Sound, Gender, Individual Will, and the Body in Nineteenth-Century British Literature"
Advisor: Andrew Elfenbein

Wesley Burdine

"Feeling Out of Time: Phenomenal Bodies and Temporality in the Fin de Siècle"
Advisors: Tony Brown and Jani Scandura

Hyeryung Hwang

"Thinking Beyond Modernism: Peripheral Realism and the Ethics of Truth-Telling"
Advisor: Timothy Brennan

Stephen McCulloch

"The Total Train System: Technology and Progressivism in Late Nineteenth and Early Twentieth-Century American Literature"
Advisor: Lois Cucullu

Amanda Taylor

"Fabricating the Martial Body: Anatomy, Affect, and Armor in Early Modern England and Italy"
Advisors: Shirley N. Garner and John Watkins


Emily Anderson

"Nowhere to Go But Forward: The Fiction of Octavia E. Butler"
Advisor: Lois Cucullu

Jessica Apolloni

"Tales of Resistance: Combating Legal Power from Italian Shores to London Streets"
Advisor: John Watkins

NaRae Kim

"Of Bodies and Things: The Korean as Commodity Fetish"
Advisors: Josephine Lee and Timothy Brennan

Caitlin McHugh

"The Afterlives of Shakespeare's Tragedies"
Advisors: John Watkins and Katherine Scheil

Eunha Na

"Empathic Imagination: Performing Interracial Intimacy in Contemporary Women's Drama"
Advisor: Josephine Lee

Katherine Robison

"The Path to Wholeness: The Therapeutic Potential of Bodily Writing in Late-Medieval Dream Visions"
Advisor: Rebecca Krug

Benjamin Utter

"'Fawty and Falce': Sin, Sanctity, and the Heroics of Devotion in Late-Medieval English Literature"
Advisor: Rebecca Krug


Sungyoung Ahn

"The Human Against Itself: Posthumanism in Contemporary Novels"
Advisor: Timothy Brennan

Eric Brownell

"Gothic Heroines and Cultural Trauma in 20th Century Literature and Film"
Advisor: Lois Cucullu

Andrew Marzoni

"In the American Vein"
Advisor: Siobhan Craig


Bozeman, Laura

"The Genteel Frontier: Westward Expansion of Womanly Refinement"
Advisor: Donald Ross

Lawless, Annemarie

"Face to Typeface: On Reading and Redemption"
Advisor: Jani Scandura

McWhorter, Rachel

“Conceiving Pregnancy as Narrative(s): Transgressive Maternities and Disability in American Reproductive Politics"
Advisor: Lois Cucullu

Mikos, Keith

“The Rise of the Small: Meaning, Metaphysics, and the Microscope"
Advisor: Jani Scandura

Olsen, Trenton

"Entangled Influence: Wordsworth and Darwinism in the Late Victorian Period"
Advisor: Andrew Elfenbein

Schumacher-Schmidt, Dana

"Monuments of Truth: Domesticity, Memory, and Politics in the English Civil Wars and Restoration"
Advisor: John Watkins


Coleman, Taiyon

"Out of the Frying Pan and Into the Fire: Narrative Past-Time as a Temporal Site of Racialized Identity Deconstruction"
Advisor: Donald Ross

DeLong, Renee

"Missed Bridges: The Invisible (and Hypervisible) Lesbian of Color in Theory, Publishing, and Media"
Advisor: Maria Damon

Flack, Christopher

"Writing Conquest: Traditions of Anglo-Saxon Invasion and Resistance in the Twelfth Century"
Advisor: Andrew Scheil

Kanyusik, William

"The Wound at the Heart of Vision: Fraught Masculinities, Marked Bodies, and the 'Subject' of Disability"
Advisor: Siobhan Craig

Kim, Eun Joo

"Unreading Multilingualisms of the Korean Diaspora"
Advisor: Josephine Lee

Larkin, Christopher

"Iatrochemical Healing in Shakespeare and Donne: The Diseased and Cured Body in the English Literary Imagination, 1590-1638"
Advisor: David Haley

Liu, Sophronia

"A Shimmering Sea: Hong Kong Stories"
Advisor: Madelon Sprengnether

McNeff, Heather

"Finding Happiness: Interfaith Marriage in British Literature, 1745-1836"
Advisor: Brian Goldberg

Pistelli, John

"Modernism's Critique du Coeur: The Novelist as Critic, 1885-1925"
Advisor: Lois Cucullu

Schrag, Adam

"Surface to Surface: War, Image, and the Senses in the Screenic Era"
Advisor: Paula Rabinowitz

Van BeverDonker, Maurits

"Texturing Difference: Indigeneity, Tactility, and the Text of 'black consciousness philosophy'"
Advisor: Qadri Ismail

Woo, Jewon

"Performing Bodies and Performative Texts: The Bodily Culture of the Antebellum United States and Fleshy Writing"
Advisors: Josephine Lee and Michelle Wright


Bonine, Lelaine

“Reel Consequences: Chasing the Trace, Leaving It Behind"
Advisor: Jani Scandura

Carlson, Erik

“The Old English Language of Fear"
Advisor: Andrew Scheil

Gage, Molly Kelley

"Feverish Fragments and Dis-eased Desire: The Archive as Fiction"
Advisor: Paula Rabinowitz

Hansen, Elisabeth (Elissa)

"Temporality in Fourteenth-Century English Contemplative Writing"
Advisor: Rebecca Krug

Mabie, Joshua

"Modern American Pilgrims: Dwelling and Religious Travel in the Lives and Works of Herman Melville and T. S. Eliot"
Advisor: Dan Philippon

Pawlowski, Lucia

"High Theory, the Teaching of Writing, and the Crisis of the University"
Advisor: Geoffrey Sirc

Roth-Reinhardt, Anne

"Frayed Homespun: Colonial clothing and literary revision in Melville, Sedgwick, and Hawthorne"
Advisor: Edward Griffin


Cohen, Sara

“Medical Screening: Medical Imag(in)ing, the Body, and the Self"
Advisors: Paula Rabinowitz & Siobhan Craig

Cox, Ryan

"Premonition of a future line we will be writing: Politics, Language and Identity in Experimental English Canadian Poetry"
Advisor: Paula Rabinowitz

Griffiths, Amy

"'In a Shattered Language': A Feminist Poetics of Trauma"
Advisor: Maria Damon

Hengen Fox, Nicholas

"Texts as Tactics: How People Practice Politics with Books"
Advisor: Timothy Brennan

Hulander, Kelly

"Suffering Sisters: Fellowship and the Body in British New Woman and Socialist Novels"
Advisor: Donald Ross

Knight, Jessica

"Autobiography and the Making of Modernist Multiculturalism"
Advisor: Paula Rabinowitz

Riordan, Kevin

"The Time Machine and the Ghost: Attending to Life-and-Death in Literature, Cinema, and Theater"
Advisor: John Mowitt

Schroeder, Sharin

"Non-Consensus Realities: Fantasy and the Child in Victorian Religious Debates"
Advisor: Brian Goldberg

Sievers, John

"Silencing the Sirens: Patronage and the New World in Spenser, Daniel, and Shakespeare"
Advisor: John Watkins

Weaver, Rebecca

"The Urgency of Community: The Suturing of Poetic Ideology During the Early Years of the Loft and the Jack Kerouac School of Disembodied Poetics"
Advisor: Maria Damon