Research & Collaboration

One of GSD's greatest strengths is our involvement with interdisciplinary centers. Centers draw on the research strength of faculty across departments and colleges who work on similar projects with diverse results and long-term impact. Research collaboratives (many through the Center for German and European Studies, as well as Institute for Advanced Studies) have yielded lecture series, workshops on emerging areas of research, co-taught graduate seminars, and opportunities for external funding through the German Academic Exchange/DAAD and other sources. Through these connections we find possibilities for engaging with present and future 21st-century challenges with a keen awareness of the past. This dynamic networking with colleagues beyond the department creates a broad community of support for faculty and graduate student research.

Key GSD Affiliations:

Recent Research Collaboratives:

Leslie Morris & Richard McCormick

CGES Research Collaborative (2014): “Place and Displacement: Transnational German Jewish Culture” organized Morris, McCormick, and Ofer Ashkenazi (Hebrew University of Jerusalem)

Charlotte Melin

CGES Research Collaborative (2015): “Transatlantic Environmental Humanities” organized by Melin and Daniel Philippon, in collaboration with Rob Emmett and Bernhard Gill (Rachel Carson Center, Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität (LMU) Munich, Germany)

IAS Research Collaborative (2013-2015): “Interpretation and Translation Studies at the University” with Joseph Allen (Asian Languages and Literatures), Scott Homler (Translation & Interpreting, College of Continuing Education), and Shaden Tageldin (Cultural Studies and Comparative Literature)

Matthias Rothe

IAS Research Collaborative (2014-2016): “Rehearsing Failure—The Brechtian Moment” with Lisa Channer (Theater Arts and Dance)