Affiliated Scholars

The University of Minnesota has a long history of studying immigration as a dynamic force in American life. Today, the University and its surrounding region are home to one of the largest interdisciplinary clusters of experts on immigration, race, and ethnicity.

This program brings together local, regional, national, and international scholars to foster collaborative research and programming and to highlight the IHRC’s role as a regional, national, and international hub of research excellence.

Who are Affiliated Scholars?

U of M Affiliated Scholars include invited faculty and graduate students who are actively involved in IHRC-sponsored research and community-engagement activities, these activities include:

  • Immigrant Stories Digital Storytelling Project
  • Global Race, Ethnicity, and Migration
  • #ImmigrationSyllabus

Affiliated scholars are listed on the IHRC website and become part of the IHRC’s international community of researchers invited to participate in IHRC events, connect with other scholars, and engage in collaborative activities. Affiliated Scholars may be expected to participate in, or attend some IHRC activities as well as respond to requests for information.

Visiting Affiliated Scholars may also access available research collections of the IHRC Archives, short-term space and computer use (depending on availability), and the opportunity to give a research presentation. The IHRC is not able to officially sponsor international scholars visitors and the Affiliated Scholars Program offers no financial support. Affiliation is renewed on an as-needed basis.

The Affiliated Scholars Program is by invitation-only. For more information, contact us at