Graduate Research

The Center for Jewish Studies, as part of its interdisciplinary mission, provides mentorship and support to graduate students in other departments whose research and scholarship connects in any way to Jewish studies. Center faculty with expertise in a broad range of fields guide graduate students in their research, and our faculty teach language and other courses in support of graduate study in multiple disciplines. In addition, we are able to provide funding to qualified graduate students in support of travel necessary to advance research
The Center for Jewish Studies hosts regular colloquia at which graduate students may present their research, and we are able to arrange opportunities for graduate students to workshop their papers in front of Center faculty and students. Graduate students may also be invited to present at conferences organized by the Center for Jewish Studies.
Graduate students who are interested in applying for the Graduate School's Interdisciplinary Doctoral Fellowship are invited to consider the Center for Jewish Studies as their host center.
Please contact Center Director Dr. Natan Paradise for more information.