Learning Spaces

students in a classroom

The Language Center supports classrooms for language learning and also offers spaces that students enrolled in language courses can use for their personal use. These include small spaces, ideal for group work, and an open-access multimedia lab, ideal for on-demand use of hardware and software. Instructors may reserve classrooms and small rooms. Students may reserve small rooms.


Jones 10, 15, 30, and 35 can be reserved by instructors for their language classes. Classrooms are equipped with Mac computers at each student station with Mac DiLL audio lab software, web browsers and Microsoft Office installed. An instructor’s desk or podium has a Mac computer with Mac DiLL Lab Controller software, controls for the classroom projection system, a DVD player, and document camera.

Small Rooms

Jones 105A, 105B, 110D, and 135B can be reserved by instructors and students for conferencing, individual exams, tutoring sessions, meeting spaces, and more. They accommodate between one and seven people, and some spaces are also used as small classrooms.

Walk-in Multimedia Lab & Student Lounge.

The Language Center Multimedia Lab is open Monday through Friday for students' use. The lab features two lounge areas in which to relax, work, study, read, or watch multilingual international television, as well as a laptop bar with AC outlets for charging personal devices, six-sided worktables with Windows and Mac computers, and access to one of the reservable small rooms. The space can be reserved for special events.