Technology & Software


Student seated at a computer

The Language Center offers a variety of technology and software options that are available to instructors and students. The Language Center maintains four computer classrooms, which can be reserved in advance by instructors in order to gain access to specialized software and technologies to facilitate language teaching and learning. 

Mac DiLL 

The DiLL is digital language lab software for Mac computers. Without all of the additional hardware of traditional language labs, it provides an intuitive interface that allows instructors to easily pair or group students for conversations, talk to the class or play recorded prompts for them to respond to. Student recordings are saved automatically to a remote server. Recordings can be used for in-class activities or later evaluation by instructors.


Two classrooms and three small rooms are equipped with conferencing equipment. Checkout conferencing equipment is also available. 

Video Recording 

Jones classrooms 30 and 35 allow for classroom video recording. In both classrooms, instructors can set up and make video recordings from the instructor's computer using a pan-tilt-zoom camera and two wireless mikes. Recordings can be saved to instructor's Kaltura MediaSpace account for later playback and retrieval.

If you are planning to video record your class, please indicate this when making your reservation for the room. Instructors are responsible for getting consent from students for video recordings. Contact Adolfo Carrillo Cabello with questions about video recording. 

Classroom Software List

The Language Center offers a variety of software to assist students and instructors with language learning. This list contains the type of software, its function (audio editing, video chatting, presenting, etc.), what platform it can be used on, which spaces it can be accessed from. 

Development Studio

The Development Studio provides media development support for test development, media streaming, and other projects. Audio recording and editing services can be used to create course content and exam materials, which are provided to language programs.